Donna Noble is my favourite companion of NuWho, there I’ve said it.

I could wax lyrical about the reasons why I feel Donna is such a good companion, but I’m not going to bore you, also I’m sure other people have done a much better job at analysing her.

I’ve decided to choose the two-parter The Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky, not because they are by any means my favourites, but instead, because I really, really like the interaction between Donna, and the previous companion Martha.

Despite how different the two women are they just CLICK together, and the most refreshing thing of all is that they don’t fight over The Doctor, if anything he has to work pretty hard to gain any sort of attention at all from either of them.

It’s fun, and it’s a really nice change.


Donna’s look is pitched somewhere between smart/casual, think blazers with tailored trousers and tunic tops.

The Jacket.

tj.jpgEssential Blazer Navy-Zalando 28.99

tj.jpgJersey Blazer-Vero Moda 35.00

tj.jpgLA City Belene Marine- Spartoo 44.10

The Cami Top.

tjHigh Neck Swing-Cami Lightweight Jersey- ASOS

tjStrappy Knit Camisole- Topshop 12.00

The Trousers.

Personally, I’m not very keen on the width of leg in Donna’s trousers, so I’ve gone for a much more fitted selection.

tj.jpgGrey Check Slim Leg Trouser-New Look 22.99

tj.jpgGrey Check Lace Trim Trousers- River Island 35.00

tj.jpgFenn Wright Manson Asteroid Trousers- House of Fraser 54.00


To finish Donna is also wearing trainers with this outfit, a good idea if you’re travelling with The Doctor, probably not so good in every day life, but I’ll leave that up to you.