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Beauty Look Book-Jenna Coleman Make-Up Tutorial

Who doesn't love a good make-up tutorial? I am a big fan of Emmas Rectangle's tutorial videos, I've already featured her fantastic Clara Oswald video, which you can find a link to-here. Emmas Rectangle has put together another wonderful Whovian... Continue Reading →


Outside the Tardis-Jodie Whittaker Sunday Times Magazine Exclusive

The 13th Doctor, Jodie Whittaker is featured in an exclusive interview with the Sunday Times Magazine. You can find a link to the interview-here.

Outside the Tardis-Karen Gillan in Christopher Kane

Karen Gillan was once again on the green carpet, this time promoting Jamanji: Welcolme to the Jungle in Toyko. Karen looked absolutely stunning in a Christopher Kane embellished blouse. You can find a link to the top-here. Since the price... Continue Reading →

Martha Jones-The Sontaran Stratagem / The Poison Sky

The two-part episodes Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky reunited Martha Jones and the 10th Doctor, and also introduced Martha to Donna Noble. I absolutely love the pairing of Martha and Donna, not only because they are two of my... Continue Reading →

Ellie Oswald-The Rings of Akhaten

When we meet Clara 'Prime' Oswald in Series 7, her Mum Ellie has been dead for years, however we do get to know Ellie 'Ravenwood' Oswald through the 11th Doctor's sightings of her and Clara's memories. From the briefest snatches... Continue Reading →

Sarah-Jane Smith-The Sarah Jane Adventures- The Invasion of the Bane

Continuing the Mother's Day theme I have decided to feature one of The Doctor's most loyal and long standing companions, Sarah Jane Smith, who found herself a first time Mum later in life, when she adopted an alien boy genius... Continue Reading →

Amy Pond-A Good Man Goes to War

It's Mother's Day today in the UK, so to celebrate this fact I have decided to feature some of the well known and not so well known Mum's of The Whoniverse. I'm kicking things off with Amy Pond. In a... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Celebrates International Women’s Day

Doctor Who is celebrating International Women's Day with The Day She Saved The Doctor, a collection of stories featuring Rose Tyler, Clara Oswald, Bill Potts and Sarah Jane Smith, and penned by Susan Calman, Jacqueline Rayner, Jenny T.Colgan, Dorothy Koomson.... Continue Reading →

Clara Oswald-Cold War

In her third adventure with the 11th Doctor Clara had been expecting to attend a party in the 1980's, she did end up in the 80's, just instead of a glamorous party, she ended up on a Cold War Russian... Continue Reading →

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