The Ultimate Guide to the fashion of Doctor Who

Cosplay Everyday.

Jo Grant-The Green Death

The Green Death, better known as The One with the Maggots. The first episode set in NuWho's home Wales, this episode deals with issues around the closures of the mines, toxic waste, the environment, hippies...oh and Jo Grant leaves. Yes,... Continue Reading →


Dragonfire is the episode in which we say Goodbye to the much maligned Mel, and Hello to the eternally excellent Dorothy Gale McShane AKA ACE. ACE is working in a cocktail bar on an ice planet, when she first encounters... Continue Reading →

Rory Williams-The Power of Three

The Power of Three is the episode before The Ponds depart the Tardis for good. Penned by the show's future Show Runner Chris Chibnall, TPoT is one of those episodes that can get easily lost. A character study, the episode... Continue Reading →

Amy Pond-The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

I've already said pretty much everything I have to say about these episodes over in my River Song post, all that is left for me to add is JEANS...Amy wears jeans. The Jacket. Amy's jacket is in a waterfall style.... Continue Reading →

River Song-The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang

For those who don't know or may not have seen it, The Pandorica Opens and The Big Bang are parts one and two of the 11th Doctor's first ever series finales. If you haven't already seen it The Pandorica Opens... Continue Reading →

The Whovian Guide to Baby Names-1st Doctor’s Companions.

Baby names have been going in and out of fashion since the first ever baby was named...probably, anyway it's a legitimate fashion trends, so I'm doing a post on it. Word of Warning- I have given Polly and Ben to... Continue Reading →

Benjamin ‘Ben’Jackson-Power of the Daleks

What to say about Ben Jackson... For those of you, who may never have heard of him or seen a single episode in, which he's featured, here's a quick introduction. Ben was a companion to the 1st and 2nd incarnations... Continue Reading →

Rose Tyler-Father’s Day

While Purple is Donna's signature colour, red is undoubtly Amy's, and the various shades of the autumnal palette belong entirely to Clara, PINK is Rose's thing. Pink is the cornerstone colour for many of Rose's outfits, especially in her early... Continue Reading →

Polly Wright-Moonbase

Cybermen on a moon base, mysterious illnesses and the 2nd Doctor still hanging with Polly and Ben, plus bonus Jamie, what's not to love. Polly's outfit is understated perfection in my humble opinion, she lets her amazing hair and 60's... Continue Reading →

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