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The 13th Doctor-What I Would Like To See From Series 11

Jodie Whittaker’s, 13th Doctor, will make her debut in a little over two months. But, The Doctor won’t be the only one getting a regeneration this Christmas, as the mantle of Show Runner, is being passed from Steven Moffat to... Continue Reading →


Romana II-The Horns of Nimon

When it comes to potential Halloween Costumes Romana II has it in the bag, with her vintage inspired, Gallifreyan wardrobe. Put simply nobody does it better than Romana II. So, I have decided to turn my attention to one of... Continue Reading →

Outside the Tardis-Jenna Coleman in Altuzarra

Winter florals are a big trend for this Autumn/Winter, bringing that much needed hit of colour for even the darkest and gloomiest of days. Our very own Clara Oswald, Jenna Coleman, rocked the Winter Floral trend during a recent red... Continue Reading →

Outside the Tardis-Jodie Whittaker Farfetch Flats

Any one who knows me in RL, knows how much I love flat shoes (Ssssh, I am unable to wear heels). I am not sure I've ever seen such a pretty pair of Ballerina style flats as the ones worn... Continue Reading →

Leela-The Talons of Weng-Chiang

The Talons of Weng-Chiang probably best known as the one where the 4th Doctor dresses up as Sherlock Holmes, Leela wears clothes that cover some of her body, and well the dubious ‘Yellow Face’, and the giant rat. A product... Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas for Christmas-Tatty Devine Name Necklace

This months it’s not all just about potential Halloween Costumes, Christmas is also a big theme, and more importantly creating your own Whovian slice of Christmas with personalised Who related gifts. I’ve already covered perfume, candles and dolls, now it’s... Continue Reading →

Romana I-The Ribos Operation

This month is all about potential Halloween Costumes, so of course I have to feature Romana I's winter wonderland, confection from The Ribos Operation. The Ribos Operation was Romana's first adventure with the 4th Doctor, and what a way to... Continue Reading →

Clara Oswald-Cosplaying on My First Day

To give myself a little confidence boost and because I found a simply amazing jumper, I decided to Cosplay Clara Oswald on my First Day of my new job, which started TODAY. I didn’t go the Full Face the Raven,... Continue Reading →

Gift Ideas for Christmas-Make Your Own Doll

Continuing the series of Christmas Gift idea posts, I've decided to feature toys, because let's face it, even for us grown-ups, toys are a big thing at Christmas. American Girl dolls have an amazing facility on their website, where you... Continue Reading →

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