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Ruby’s Rewatch Review- Episode 2 10th Doctor, 11th Doctor and 12th Doctor

Tonight is the 2nd episode of the 13th Doctor's first ever series, try thinking up that sentence when you've had a few. While the post-regeneration episode is where we first see The Doctor, in my opinion it's the second episode... Continue Reading →


Yasmin Khan-The Woman Who Fell to Earth

Last Sunday's opening episode, The Woman Who Fell to Earth, not only introduced use to the 13th regeneration of The Doctor, but also her trio of brand new companions, Yasmin, Ryan and Graham. If you haven't seen the episode yet,... Continue Reading →

The Doctor is now a Barbie

The Doctor is now a Barbie and I for one could not be happier. For those few people who are lucky enough to know me in RL will know what a massive Barbie fan I am, and the fact that... Continue Reading →

Outside the Tardis-Jenna Coleman in Bella Freud

We've been a bit behind on the old fashion updates recently due to illness/work commitments, but I couldn't let a whole week go by without featuring Jenna Coleman's fantastic Bella Freud blazer combo. Jenna was featured wearing the blazer when she... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Honest Trailers (Nu Who and the Classic Series)

I absolutely love Screen Junkies the web series Honest Trailers on You Tube and finally Doctor Who has been honoured with not one Honest Trailer, but 2! and a commentary video. So sit back, relax and get your fix of Whoniverse... Continue Reading →

Outside the Tardis-Karen Gillan at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic

Karen looked absolutely fabulous when she attended the 9th annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic. Although the rule is never put a red head in red, Karen always manages to make the colour her own. Karen's dress is from Self-Portrait and... Continue Reading →

13th Doctor in the 12th Doctor’s Suit

Last night we finally got to meet the 13th Doctor properly, and while I'm still digesting The Woman Who Fell To Earth, I thought it would be fun to turn my attention to simpler things, like stealing the 13th Doctor's... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Guide to the Sorting Hat-2nd Doctor’s Companions

Having decided to keep going with the old Sorting Hat theme I've reached the 2nd Doctor's companions. You can find a link to the Sorting Hat and 1st Doctor's companions-here. The 2nd Doctor's collection of Tardis Crew feature two of... Continue Reading →

Clara Oswald-Autumn Leaf Inspired Jewellery

In the early days aboard the Tardis, Clara Oswald, The Impossible Girl, was linked most prominently with the autumn leaf (see-earlier post on Colour Coding Clara). An autumn leaf brought Miss Oswald into the world, and it was with the... Continue Reading →

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