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Tardis Bar-10th Doctor ‘Midnight’

In the canon of great 10th Doctor episodes, Midnight from the Fourth Series of NuWho might not feature that high on many lists, but for me at least Midnight is one of my favourite 10th Doctor episodes. There's something truly... Continue Reading →


Outside the Tardis-Jenna Coleman at the Cartier Queen’s Cup Polo

Jenna Coleman recently attended the Cartier Queen's Cup Polo match alongside Hollywood actress, Lily Collins. Jenna was wearing a classic, white summer dress from one of her favourite labels, Emilia Wickstead. You can find a link to Jenna's Emilia Wickstead-... Continue Reading →

Outside the Tardis- David Tennant in Chekhov’s Wild Honey BBC Radio 4

Our very own 10th Doctor aka David Tennant is lending his voice to a production of Anton Chekhov's Wild Honey on BBC Radio 4. You can find a link to both parts of the Russian comedy drama- here. Hopefully the... Continue Reading →

Tardis Memory Core-Series 8 Deleted Scenes

While wasting some time away on You Tube, I came across a whole lot of deleted scenes from Series 8 I had never seen before and I don't think were included on my DVD. So with that in mind I... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar- Romana I ‘The First Lady of Time’

Anyone familiar with this blog will know that I am a big fan of the first regeneration of Romana, or as she's better known Romana I. With that in mind I have decided to dedicate a dry cocktail to perfectly... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar- Captain Jack Harkness ‘Pansexual Unicorn’

I love a good layered cocktail with lots of ice and also unicorns, so I am going to dedicate this cocktail which is layered in the colours of the pansexual flag to our very own pansexual unicorn, Captain Jack Harkness.... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar-Jo Grant ‘The Green Death’

Until Jo's return to the Tardis in The Sarah Jane Adventures in 2010, The Green Death was the last adventure for Doctor Who's very own Flower Child, so what better cocktail could there be to dedicate to Jo than something... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar- Ben Jackson ‘Sea Breeze’

I've featured red cocktails, black cocktails, orange cocktails, cream cocktails and multi-coloured cocktails, so I thought it would be fun to go blue. In the Whoniverse blue is the colour most associated with the Tardis herself, but since I'm not... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar-4th Doctor ‘Would You Like A Jelly Baby’

Having already featured cocktails for Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Sarah-Jane Smith, Clara Oswald and Amy Pond, I thought it was only time that The Doctor should get a look in. For this particular tipple I was inspired by a bag... Continue Reading →

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