The Ultimate Guide to the fashion of Doctor Who

Cosplay Everyday.

The Ultimate Guide to the Weddings of Doctor Who

It may not have escaped the notice of the World that a certain British Prince married a certain American actress/activist today, and in a shameless spot of bandwagon jumping The Ultimate Guide to the Fashion of Doctor Who has decided... Continue Reading →


Beauty Look Book-Companion Themed Tinted Lipbalm by Bubble and Geek

I am always on the hunt for Doctor Who themed products, especially beauty ones, that's why I absolutely adore my most recent find, which is companion themed tinted lipbalms from Bubble and Geek. Bubble and Geek collection contains 5 lipbalms... Continue Reading →

How to Cosplay the 13th Doctor by The Whovian Chaser

2018 is the year of the 13th Doctor. In around 6 months we will finally get to know Jodie Whittaker's take on The Doctor. So with that in mind I've decided to do a little cosplay prep, and for those... Continue Reading →

Liz Shaw-Doctor Who and the Silurians

Liz Shaw is one of my favourite Old Who companions. Unlike Zoe Heriot who joined the 2nd Doctor and Jamie McCrimmon from the 21st Century, Liz was the first companion to openly embrace feminism and the role of women in... Continue Reading →

The Whovian Guide to Eyewear

After a recent trip to my local opticians, I learned that I would need reading glasses. So after looking at dozens of pairs of glasses online and in the flesh, I decided to turn my thoughts to the sort of... Continue Reading →

Outside the Tardis-Karen Gillan in Celine

Karen Gillan has been working hard on the promotional trail this month for both the latest Marvel blockbuster Avengers-Invinity War release, and her own directorial debut The Party's Just Begining. While appearing in American Airlines Magazine-American Way, Karen wore a... Continue Reading →

Victoria Waterfield-The Web of Fear

The Web of Fear sees Victorian companion Victoria Waterfield fully embrace the 20th century in her wardrobe going full on 60's fashionista. Victoria wears a short roll neck long sleeved dress with an embellished waistcoat and belt. The Dress. Turtleneck... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Jenna Coleman and Russell T Davies

Happy Birthday to Jenna Coleman and Russell T Davies who are both celebrating their birthdays today on the 27th April. Russell T Davies-27th April 1963. Jenna Louise Coleman-27th April 1986

Outside the Tardis-Karen Gillan in Jonathan Cohen Suit

It's Spring here in the UK, and anyone who has ever spent any extended time in this part of the World knows exactly how tempremental British weather can be, that's why the Jonathan Cohen Studio suit Karen was recently rocking... Continue Reading →

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