The Ultimate Guide to the fashion of Doctor Who

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Clara Oswald-The Girl Who Died

The Girl Who Died is one of the better episodes of Series 9 IMO. This episode introduces us to Maisie Williams' Ashildr/Mayor Me/Me, who I actually really like. Anyway,  The Doctor and Clara end up in a Viking Village and... Continue Reading →

River Song-Colour Coding River

Continuing my series of essays on Colour Coding Characters-see Clara, Amy and Rory, I've decided to turn my attention to River Song. Unlike her predecessors, River's journey through colour is harder to track, mainly because her timeline is ALL OVER... Continue Reading →

Romana II-Shada

This has to be one of my favourite looks of all time in Doctor Who (Old or Nu), and it's what allows Romana II to wear the crown of Best Dressed Doctor Who Companion of the 1980s-see earlier post here.... Continue Reading →

Peri Brown-Imagining the Big Finish Episodes-Paradise 5

Saturday turned out to be a bumper day for Doctor Who, with new episodes appearing on both BBC 1 and Radio 4 Extra. Paradise 5 features an all star cast, inclusing Colin Baker as The 6th Doctor, Nicola Bryant as... Continue Reading →

Bill Potts- Empress of Mars/The Eaters of Light

We are in the home stretch now with only two more episodes of Doctor Who, and the amazing Bill Potts still to come. So far IMO Series 10 has been a great improvement, with only the three part MONKS stories... Continue Reading →

Sara Kingdom- The Dalek’s Masterplan

Sara Kingdom was cool. She was also one of the scariest and most ruthless companions ever to travel with The Doctor, not that she travelled with him and Steven for long. Sara was a warrior in the tradition of The... Continue Reading →

Rory Williams-Colour Coding Rory

Okay, so I have already talked extensively on this subject in relation to the characters of Amy Pond and Clara Oswald, and I've decided to turn the spotlight on Amy's other half, Rory Williams. Whereas the colours used in Amy's costuming can... Continue Reading →

Amy Pond-Beauty Look Book-Nails

Amy Pond is known for many things, being The Girl Who Waited, her amazing red hair, and her stereotypical Scottish temperament, but lets not forget her fantastic nails. Out of all the companions of the Nu Who era, Amy rules... Continue Reading →

Rose Tyler-The End of the World

This is Rose's second adventure with The 9th Doctor, and her first trip off World. As first dates go, I have mixed feelings about being taken to see the end of Planet Earth aka home, but Rose seems to enjoy... Continue Reading →

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