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Happy Birthday Jodie Whittaker and Arthur Darvill

The are a lot of joint birthdays in the Whoniverse and today marks the 39th birthday of Jodie Whittaker and Arthur Darvill. Jodie is of course known for her role as The Doctor, while Arthur played companion to the 11th... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Carole Ann Ford

Happy birthday to Carole Ann Ford who turns 81 today! Carole Ann Ford is probably best remembered for her role as The Doctor's Granddaughter, the mercurial, Susan Foreman. Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Colin Baker

Happy birthday to Colin Baker who turns 78 today! Colin Baker is of course best known for his role as the wildly dressed and often grumpy 6th Doctor. Happy birthday Colin.

Happy Birthday Bradley Walsh

Happy birthday to Bradley Walsh who turns 61 today! Bradley is not only a triple threat, but also recently departed the 13th Doctor's Tardis, as Graham O'Brien. Happy birthday Bradley!

Happy Birthday Pearl Mackie

Happy Birthday to the wonderful Pearl Mackie who turns 34 today! Pearl played the excellent Bill Potts, companion to the 12th Doctor, and personally I would love to see her return to the show. Happy birthday Pearl!

Happy Birthday Kylie Minogue

Happy birthday to the brilliant, multi talented, Miss Kylie Minogue. (Who I've been a fan of since I was 4!) It's hard to believe, but Kylie will be turning 53 today! Happy birthday Kylie!

Happy Birthday Carey Mulligan

Happy birthday to the brilliant Carey Mulligan who turns 36 today! Carey is well known for her multiple roles in film and television, and played the main protagonist, Sally Sparrow, in the Series Two, 10th Doctor adventure, Don't Blink.

Happy Birthday Catherine Tate

Happy birthday to Catherine Tate who will be unbelievably turning 53 today! Where have you been if you don't know that Catherine played the iconic Donna Noble. Happy birthday Catherine!

Happy Birthday Sacha Dhawan

Happy birthday to Sacha Dhawan who turns 37 today! Sacha is the latest regeneration of The Master, The Doctor's oldest frenemy in the universe. Happy birthday Sacha we hope you have a wonderful day.

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