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Clara Oswald-Mummy on the Orient Express

So, this weekend I am planning to pen my review of the Season 8 episode Mummy on the Orient Express, as an appetiser for that, I thought it would be fun to take an in-depth look at Clara's outfit in... Continue Reading →

Bill Potts-Steal Her Style-Trainers

While out shopping with friends on Saturday, I finally spotted Bill's actual trainers in Vans. Even better news than that, Bill's trainers are still available to buy and are now on SALE! PASTELS SK8-HI SLIM SHOES-Vans 28.50

Ruby’s Rewatch Review- (Peter Capaldi Era 2014-2017) Kill the Moon

So, far betrayal has been the theme of Series 8. From The Doctor's regeneration, to Clara lying to her best friend and her boyfriend, the spectre of betrayal has loomed large, and the 7th episode, Kill the Moon is probably... Continue Reading →

Tegan Jovanka-Snakedance

Snakedance was undoubtedly Tegan's story, and became something of a recurring theme for her character. There's a lot to love about Tegan, not only was she the first Australian to join The Tardis Crew (still waiting on the second), she... Continue Reading →

Ruby’s Rewatch Review- (Peter Capaldi Era 2014-2017) The Caretaker

The Caretaker, or perhaps a better title for this episode would be 'Boyfriend Confusion', is one of those episodes of Doctor Who, which has nothing to do with space or time, or running, or adventures, it's a homespun story, which... Continue Reading →

Clara Oswald-The Caretaker- black diamond shirt and scalloped hem shorts

I am just about to drop my next Ruby's Rewatch Review-review, but before I do that I thought I'd take a look at another one of Clara's looks from this episode. Find my moon clip look-here. I really love this... Continue Reading →

The 13th Doctor is Jodie Whittaker

The introduction trailer for the 13th Doctor has just dropped, and Jodie Whittaker, star of Broadchurch will be taking over the controls of The Tardis once Peter Capaldi departs in December. Welcome to the show Jodie, I'm looking forward to... Continue Reading →

Ruby’s Rewatch Review- (Peter Capaldi Era 2014-2017) Time Heist

Time Heist is the 5th episode of Series 8, and probably the hardest episode, so far, I have found to review. Like, Robots of Sherwood, Time Heist is one of those episodes from this series, which divides fans, and I... Continue Reading →

Ruby’s Rewatch Review- (Peter Capaldi Era 2014-2017) Listen

Listen is an episode, which is determined not to answer any of the questions it asks. A gothic tale wrapped around the awkwardness of a first date, Listen uses ordinariness to both reassure and terrify the audience in equal measure.... Continue Reading →

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