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Ruby’s Rewatch Review- (Peter Capaldi Era 2014-2017) Best to Blah Episodes Series 8

So, this is it, I’ve reached the end of my Ruby’s Rewatch Review of Series 8, all that really remains for me to do now, is to list all 12 episodes from Best to Blah. Best Episode. Mummy on the... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Casting for the 13th Doctor’s companion/companions- Part 2

Almost as soon as I had completed my first list for possible future companions of the 13th Doctor, I started thinking about the actresses and actors, I'd missed off the list. So, here's my part 2. Enjoy. Jessica Sula. Known... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Casting for the 13th Doctor’s companion/companions

With Jodie Whittaker now confirmed to take over the helm of The Tardis, I thought it might be fun to put together a list of possible companions. Let me know what you think in the comments. Who would you like... Continue Reading →

Ruby’s Rewatch Review- (Peter Capaldi Era 2014-2017) Death in Heaven

As Series Finales go, Death in Heaven is probably one of the darkest, if not THE darkest of NuWho, packed with death, even more lies, a good dose of heart break, and some serious wobbly chin moments. While the events... Continue Reading →

Clara Oswald-Steal Her Style-White diamond print shirt Mango

Attention all shoppers, while on the hunt for some updates to my own personal wardrobe, I came across a shirt in Mango, that while not entirely the same, could still do a good job of passing for Clara's amazing diamond... Continue Reading →

Ruby’s Rewatch Review- (Peter Capaldi Era 2014-2017) Dark Water

So, we’ve finally reached it, the first part of the Series 8 Season Finale, Dark Water. In many ways it feels like we’ve come a long way, since a certain newly regenerated titular character, burst out of The Tardis, on... Continue Reading →

Zoe Heriot-War Games-Trench Coat

Once I have concluded my Ruby Rewatch of NuWho Series 8, I have decided to review the Classic Who episodes, War Games and The Tenth Planet, as they appear to have a strong narrative connection to the coming, 2017 Christmas... Continue Reading →

Amy Pond inspired bracelet

I am currently collaborating with online jewellery shop Tuzzy Muzzy, and together we have designed a one off bracelet in honour of The Girl Who Waited, Amy Pond.   The bracelet features red jasper beads, an initial letter A, and... Continue Reading →

Clara Oswald-Best Looks Series 8

Ahead of my Series 8 Finale episode reviews, I thought it might be nice to put together a list of my favourite looks for Clara Oswald, throughout the series. So here, in order of best to blah, are my  favourite... Continue Reading →

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