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Outside the Tardis-Billie Piper Baby Name News

After welcoming her daughter, with partner Johnny Lloyd, 2 weeks ago, Billie Piper has finally put us fans out of our misery and shared the adorable tot's new name. Sharing a post on her Instagram page, Billie revealed her daughter's... Continue Reading →


Sarah Jane Smith-Planet of Evil

It's only been 2 weekends or so since Christmas, but Sundays in 2019 are turning into something of a Classic Who corner, so with that in mind I have decided to dedicate this Sunday to Sarah Jane's look in Planet... Continue Reading →

Outside the Tardis-Jenna Coleman Interview

In her latest interview with online publication WWD, Jenna discusses her roles in The Cry and as Queen Victoria in the on-gong ITV Series, Victoria. Jenna also talks about her role as Anne in the much anticipated production of All... Continue Reading →

Amy Pond-Pond Life Pt.5

As any regular readers of this blog will be aware, I am a big fan of not only Amy Pond wearing trousers, but just how much I love her breton style look in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship. And lo, just... Continue Reading →

Rose Tyler-Titan Comics

Welcome to my first Rose Tyler post of the year. I have decided to feature this pink look from one of her adventures in the Titan Comics Doctor Who series, because I just love how 'Rose' it looks. By that... Continue Reading →

Clara Oswald-Into the Dalek Red Jumper and Checked Coat

Not only did Into the Dalek gives us one of my favourite looks for Clara in the form of the shirt with ALL the eyes, but we also got to briefly see her rocking her timeless checked coat and red... Continue Reading →

Romana II-Full Circle

Any regular readers of this blog will know that while I may not be a big fan of the second regeneration of Time Lady, Romana, I absolutely love her wardrobe. For me, Romana 2's wardobe is one of the best... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Mandip Gill

Although this is a little late in the day... Happy Birthday to the amazing Mandip Gill who is celebrating turning 31 today... I can't quite believe that Mandip is really 31, whatever cream she is using I need to know... Continue Reading →

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