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Series 11-Tosin Cole as Ryan Sinclair

Following on from my post yesterday about Mandip Gill, I thought it would be only fair to feature the 13th Doctor's second new companion, Ryan Sinclair, or more specifically where you may have seen Tosin Cole who is set to... Continue Reading →


Series 11- Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan

On Sunday we got our first taste of Series 11, the 13th Doctor and her companions Yasmin, Ryan and Graham. So with that in mind I have decided to dedicate this post to Yasmin Khan and where you might have... Continue Reading →

Series 11 Teaser Trailer

The Series 11 teaser trailer has finally dropped and while it didn't exactly give us any real details on the new series, we did get to see more of Yasmin, Graham, Ryan and of course the 13th the Beano... Continue Reading →

Beauty Look Book-Bill Potts Smile

Continuing the on-going Beauty Look Book theme, I've decided to feature my second favourite NuWho companion Miss Bill Potts. Bill's striped top and denim jacket look in the episode Smile is iconic and eye catching, and for an outfit that... Continue Reading →

Series 11 Official Photos

After what feels like 100 years of silence, that's no exaggeration, okay well perhaps a little exaggeration, but finally we have some official images from the long anticipated Series 11. The new images focus on the 13th Doctor and her... Continue Reading →

Outside the Tardis-Jenna Coleman at Wimbledon

With England having finally made it to the semi-finals of the World Cup after almost thirty years, it is easy to forget that there have been any other sporting related activites this summer, that is of course until our very... Continue Reading →

Beauty Look Book-Tegan Jovanka Logopolis

For the Beauty Look Book I've decided to turn the clock all the way back to the 1980s' and Tegan Jovanka's introductory episode, Logopolis. Why Tegan may not be the best remembered companion, I absolutely love the fiesty Australian and... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar-Victoria Waterfield ‘Always the Lady’

Since the 2nd Doctor's companion, Victoria Waterfield, actually came from the 1800s and the era that bore her name, I have decided to look towards some vintage, Victorian recipes for inspiration. Victoria Waterfield 'Always the Lady'. 2 Ounces of Gin.... Continue Reading →

Beauty Look Book-Donna Noble Planet of the Ood

Despite being set on a frozen planet, surrounded by the Ood, Planet of the Ood finds Donna Noble with one of her most polished and glam beauty looks. Eyes- Donna adds some real pop to her eyes with a healthy... Continue Reading →

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