The Ultimate Guide to the fashion of Doctor Who

Cosplay Everyday.

Tardis Bar-Jamie McCrimmon ‘The Highlander’

Jamie McCrimmon the 18th century Highlander who travelled around with the 2nd Doctor is in my opinion the best male companion of any of the Doctors, until Captain Jack. Jamie is an absolutely fantastic character with a genuine and warm... Continue Reading →


Tardis Bar- 11th Doctor ‘Bow Ties Are Cool’

The 11th Doctor seemed to have a place in his hearts for the humble and always declicious Jammie Dodger biscuit, so much so that he even used one to fend of the 'IPod Daleks'. With that in mind I have... Continue Reading →

Beauty Look Book-Amy Pond Asylum of the Daleks

Amy Pond wore many career hats during her time aboard The Tardis, from Kiss-O-Gram to model to journalist and finally author, for me at least model always seemed to suit her best. Asylum of the Daleks finds Amy Pond in... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar-Peri Brown ‘American Girl’

We're still enjoying a heat wave in the UK at the moment, so to celebrate the fact that the sun is still shining, I thought I'd put together a fun, summer drink that would be perfect for a warm evening.... Continue Reading →

Beauty Look Book-Jenna Coleman Instyle Magazine

July is all about beauty...and the odd cocktail, both in and outside The Tardis, so with that in mind I have decided to feature one of my favouite beauty looks from our very own Jenna Coleman. I absolutely love this... Continue Reading →

Beauty Look Book- Rose Tyler The Idiot’s Lantern

I love a good beauty tutorial, who doesn't... So I've decided to be very brave and dedicate the month of July to putting together some of my own Who related beauty looks. I am starting with Rose Tyler's look from... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar-Zoe Heriot ’21st Century Tipple’

Zoe Heriot was a teenage genius, who hailed from a space station in the 21st Century. Zoe's character had the ability to be very 'Wesley Crusher', but instead of being a walking sci-fi cliche, she's actually one of the best... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar-Polly Wright ‘The Cocktail Polly’

Polly Wright is probably the only companion to have a canon cocktail named after her. The Cocktail Polly, named by Polly's fellow companion Ben Jackson, was a mixture Polly put together herself to defeat the Cybermen on the Moonbase. This... Continue Reading →

Tardis Bar- Bill Potts ‘I’ll Show You Around’

After the wonderful Donna Noble, Bill Potts is my favourite companion of the Nu Who era. Full of fun and wonder at the university, Bill is a perfect companion for any intergalatic adventure. Bill Potts 'I'll Show You Around'. Bottom... Continue Reading →

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