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The Nu Who Companions Guide to Prom Hair

Okay, so with some help from The Nu Who Companions Guide to Prom Dress, you've managed to find the perfect dress, but what about your hair... Straight, curls, fringe, up, down, don't panic, The Nu Who Companions Guide to Prom... Continue Reading →

Victoria Waterfield-Fury from the Deep

Fury from the Deep is one of the lost episodes of Doctor Who, it's also Victoria Waterfield's final appearance in the series (until a TV movie special). In a way Victoria's departure feels like a good thing (for Victoria that... Continue Reading →

The Nu Who Companions Guide to Prom Dresses

Prom Season is on the horizon, but never fear if you're still struggling to find the perfect...The Nu Who Companions Guide to Prom is here to help. Go Vintage. Vintage is still a big story in the fashion world, don't... Continue Reading →

River Song-Day of the Moon-or River in Tardis blue.

Blue is a rare colour on River Song, so rare in fact that I can only think of one other episode, the first part to this story compilation, The Impossible Astronault, where River wears any variation on this colour. But... Continue Reading →

Steal her Style-2017 twist on Zoe Heriot

Zoe was a teenage genius from the future, who encountered The 2nd Doctor and his companion Jamie, aboard her home, which was a giant wheel in space. Zoe was feisty, intelligent, and perfectly capable. The Doctor viewed her as an... Continue Reading →

Bill Potts-The Lie of the Land

The Lie of the Land sees Bill go through her own version of Donna's depressed look. It also happens to be the last part of The Monks Trilogy. In this new destopian reality Bill has lost her natural Bill-ness, and... Continue Reading →

The Whovian Guide to Baby Names-4th Doctor’s Companions.

The 4th incarnation of The Doctor introduced us to a host of new, alien sounding names. Although he still had his human companions Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, this Doctor also travelled with two incarnations of the Time Lady... Continue Reading →

Inside Doctor Who- Amy and Rory’s Kitchen Series 6 & 7a

This is my first ever post on interiors and interior design, so apologies if it's not the best. I've put together a selection of objects that match the ones in Amy and Rory's kitchen, so that if you want to... Continue Reading →

Doctor Who Inspired Make-up Tutorial by Emmasrectangle-Clara Oswald

Way back in January, I was invited to a Doctor Who themed dinner party by one of my best friends. We all had to dress up, and I chose to dress up like Miss Oswald, because are wardrobes sort of... Continue Reading →

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