The two-part episodes Sontaran Stratagem and The Poison Sky reunited Martha Jones and the 10th Doctor, and also introduced Martha to Donna Noble.

I absolutely love the pairing of Martha and Donna, not only because they are two of my favourite companions, but it’s also great to see an old companion with a new one, here’s hoping we get more of this in the new series.

While I may love Martha and Donna getting to meet, I don’t feel that way about Martha’s lacklustre look in this episodes, there’s just too much purple and as we know purple is definitely as Donna Noble colour.

The Top.


Martha wears a v-neck top and the colour is either dark grey or a very dark plum, either way this is an unusual colour for Doctor Jones.

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The Trousers.


Martha finishes off this work wear look with a pair of wide leg grey trousers.

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