Continuing the Mother’s Day theme I have decided to feature one of The Doctor’s most loyal and long standing companions, Sarah Jane Smith, who found herself a first time Mum later in life, when she adopted an alien boy genius called Luke.


The Cardigan.

shoppingButton Through Cardigan-Healthy Living 14.99

The Dress.

Invasion of the Bane

Sarah Jane wears a striped dress, it’s been hard to find an exact match for this.

shoppingBlack/Red Stripe Dress-I Saw It First 15.00

shoppingCoral Stripe Dress-Next 28.00


Sarah Jane finishes off her look with a pair of maroon/wine coloured tights and black suede boots.

shoppingWine 80 Denier Opaque Tights-Dorothy Perkins 2.70

shoppingCapital Slouch Boots-ASOS 26.00