It’s hard to believe that we’ve reached the names of the 12th Doctor’s Companions.

Since Nardole isn’t actually a real name, and the 11th Doctor had Amy, Rory and River, I have decided to give the 12th Doctor Clara Oswald and Danny Pink.

Clara was the 12th Doctor’s longest serving compaion and Danny was a sort of companion, so just go with it…


While, Clara Oswald may not hold the same fairytale credentials as Amelia or Melody Pond, there’s still an element of fantasty attatched to her name, and in this case Victorian fantasy.

With names like Rose, Martha and Amelia, there has been a shift towards vintage Victorian/Edwardian sounding names for Compainons during the modern era, and Clara is just the latest edition to the trend.

I should also put my cards of the table and explain that I also, absolutely love this name.

The popularity of the name Clara has been on the rise for the last couple of years, thanks in some part to Miss Oswald herself, who brought the name some fresh appeal and of course attention.

Clara is also a lovely alternative to Claire/Clare, and it shares links with ‘light’ related cousins such as Lucy, Lucie and Lux.

Name: Clara
Meaning: Bright/Clear.
Origin: Latin.


Ah Bill, any regular readers of this blog will know that Miss Potts is one of my favourite Companions, but was she a Belinda, a Wilhelmina, a Billie, or just a plain old Bill…

Unfortunately I am not sure we will ever know, and does it really matter since Bill as a name fitted our Miss Potts so well.

Unlike Clara or Amelia, I don’t see our Bill kicking off the trend for similar named newborns, however saying that Bill is perfectly in keeping with unisex/traditonal boys names used for girls, which is such a big trend in the US.

Name: Bill
Meaning: Resolute Protection.
Origin: English.


And I am finishing things off with Danny Pink…whose birth name was actually Rupert.

While I can see the appeal of the name Danny, personally I love the name Rupert, and given Rupert’s meaning ‘Bright Fame’ it seems a perfect companion to Clara’s ‘Clear/Bright’.

Name: Daniel
Meaning: God is My Judge.
Origin: Hebrew.

Name: Rupert
Meaning: Bright Fame.
Origin: German.