Having already featured YOWZA or as they’re probably better known the 11th Doctor and River Song, I thought it was only fair if I also spent some time with the 12th Doctor and River.


While the 12th Doctor and River Song only shared a single episode together, what an episode it was, probably my favourite of all the Christmas Specials.

Whereas the style of the 11th Doctor and River were all about radically different styles attracting, this version of The Doctor and Professor Song was all about luxury, showing off and being grown-ups.

Razzle Dazzle.


As mentioned above the style of 12 and River Song is a very different beast, in fact I would go as far as saying that these two are perhaps the most on-point couple we have ever seen in the Whoniverse.

Everything about them screams luxury and glamour, and who wouldn’t love their wardrobes…

shoppingJenny Packham No.1 Black Feather Shrug-Debenhams 55.00

shoppingLimehaus Logan Merlot Velvet Jacket-House of Fraser 85.00

shoppingV-Line Dress-Her Dress 126.00

shoppingWhite Fly Front Wing Collar-Jeff Banks 40.00

shoppingBeaded Long Evening Dress-Kalediscope 149.00

shoppingTed Baker Flare Necklace-House of Fraser 66.75

shoppingVicki Fur Hooded Cape-Wearall.com 30.00

shoppingWhite Diamond Drop Earrings-The Fine Jewellery Company 265.00

shoppingClub of Comfort Velvet Trousers-Peter Hann 99.00

shoppingLeather Biker Jacket-Karen Millen 299.00

And never forget your trusty Sonic Trowel.