Once I have concluded my Ruby Rewatch of NuWho Series 8, I have decided to review the Classic Who episodes, War Games and The Tenth Planet, as they appear to have a strong narrative connection to the coming, 2017 Christmas Special.

In preparation for this, I have decided to focus on Zoe’s amazing trench coat from War Games.

I am an unashamed fan of the good old trench coat, and this look is just perfect on Zoe.


Zoe’s trench is hard to find an exact match for, so I’ve put together some alternatives both single, and double breasted.

indexDouble-Breasted Trench Coat CAMEL-Forever21 28.00

shoppingRelaxed Trench Coat-Topshop 30.00

shoppingBeige Plain Cotton Trench-Patrizia Pepe 58.78

shoppingMango Beige ‘central’ Belted Trench Coat-Debenhams 69.99

shoppingTench Coat-PATRIZIA PEPE 108.52