Ahead of my Series 8 Finale episode reviews, I thought it might be nice to put together a list of my favourite looks for Clara Oswald, throughout the series.

So here, in order of best to blah, are my  favourite Clara Oswald fashion highlights of Series 8, let me know what your favourite looks are in the comments box.

Number 1.

Clara’s medieval dress-Robots of Sherwood.


While Robots of Sherwood may be the worst episode of Series 8, it contains Clara’s best look, and my absolute favourite fashion highlight of the series.


Number 2.

Clara’s Flapper Dress-Mummy on the Orient Express.


From the Louise Brooks style bob, to the beautifully beaded flapper dress, and the super cute period accessories, I love absolutely everything about this look.

Find my version of Clara’s flapper dress-here.

Find my Clara Oswald Mummy on the Orient Express Hair Inspiration post-here.


Number 3.

Clara’s shirt with eyes- Into the Dalek.


Something a little more contemporary.

What can I say, I just love this shirt on Clara, and the fact that she’s wearing trousers is also a bonus.


Number 4.

Clara’s Suit-Time Heist.


Ahead of the curve on the unisex suit trend, there is absolutely nothing to dislike about this super cute look.


Number 5.

Clara’s white shirt and city shorts- The Caretaker.


The Caretaker featured so many great looks, but my favourite of the look is this shirt and city shorts combo, perfect for the office or after work drinks-find my version of the outfit-here.


Number 6.

Clara’s moon clip look-Also from The Caretaker.


These colours perfectly suit Clara, and the moon clips are a perfect touch.

Find my version of the look-here.

And Clara’s moonclips-here.


Number 7.

Clara’s first date look-Listen.


Just a perfect first date look.


Number 8.

Clara’s Victorian look-Deep Breath.


Green is my favourite colour, and I have a soft spot for Victorian Clara, so of course this look is going in at number 8.


Number 9.

Clara’s red jumper and checked coat- Into the Dalek.


Red looks great on Clara, and I love her coat, it’s just a shame we didn’t get to see more of both.


Number 10.

Autumn leaf dress-Kill the Moon.


Channelling all the power of the autumn leaf that brought her into the world, find my version of this look-here.


Number 11.

Clara’s version of the checked shirt of doom- Flatline.


For me this look felt a little more Amy Pond, than it did Clara Oswald.


Number 12.

White jumper and jeans- Death in Heaven.


Clara even manages to style heart break well, find my version of this look-here.


Number 13.

Belted skater dress-Dark Water.


While I love this dress, the two looks Clara wears in Dark Water are just too similar to make any real impact.


Number 14.

That other dress- Dark Water/Death in Heaven.


This isn’t a bad look, its just far to close to the dress above.


And my least favourite Clara Oswald look of Series 8 goes to…

The grey jumper-In the Forest of the Night.


Rather than being awful this look is just bland.


Clara wore many other outfits during the series but these have been my personal highlights.