I may be remembering this wrong (I probably am), but to my memory Amy Pond doesn’t get a single/many lines in Closing Time.

Closing Time is a story about the 11th Doctor coming to terms with his unavoidable date with destiny, and although Amy and Rory do appear, it’s just a brief insight into their lives going on without The Doctor.

Amy has changed her career again, and now she’s a model, with her face on posters for posh perfume, and even signing the odd autograph.

This brief glimpse of Amy and Rory, allows 11 to see that the lives of his friends don’t revolve entirely around him.


This look is late Amy Pond, gone are the bright reds and short denim skirts, replaced by a more mature, Earth bond tone to her look.

I am a bit obsessed with the subtle shift in colour Amy goes through, during her time travelling with The Doctor, find my essay on the subject here.

Now on with the look…


The Jacket.

Amy wears a light grey, cotton style jacket, finding the exact match for this has been tough, but I’ve come up with some options.

shopping (2)VERO MODA Women’s BLAZER- 17.46

shopping (1)Womens PETITE Ponte Notch Blazer Jacket-Miss Selfridge 30.00

The Tops.

As usual, Amy is wearing two tops, a darker cami and a white tunic style top.

 shopping (3)Lace Trim Smock Tunic Top-Marisota 12.75

shopping (5)Nomads White Long Tunic Shirt-Lux Fix 36.00

shopping (6)Dark Grey Shoesting Strap Cami Top-New Look 2.99


Amy finishes her look with a pair of dark brown or green trousers, that appear to have cargo style pockets, a scarf, boots and well of course Mr Pond.

shopping (8)Urma Utility Trouser-Select 5.99

shopping (7)G-Star Rovic Mid Skinny Cargo trousers-Zalando 79.99

shopping (9)Joie Surplus Twill Skinny Cargo Pants-Saks Fifth Avenue 75.88

shoppingDark Grey Wool And Cashmere Scarf-13.00

downloadAmy’s cute lace up boots were originally from Carvela, they are no longer on sale, however as always I have found a nice alternative.

shopping (1)Faux Suede Ankle Booties TAN-Forever 21 19.99