There was sad news in the Whoniverse on Friday with the passing of Deborah Watling, at the age of 69, after a short illness.

landscape-1500644834-doctor-who-victoriaDeborah is probably best known for playing Victoria Waterfield, the 2nd Doctor’s companion from the Victorian period, however, she also had a long post-Who career, on stage and screen.

Together with the 2nd Doctor, and Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria made up one of my favourite Tardis crews of the Classic Era of Who.

Sadly many of the episodes featuring Victoria were destoyed, but the few, which have survived are available on DVD, I especially recommend The Web of Fear, which features Deborah’s real life Father, and Tomb of the Cybermen, which is an excellent episode.

Let’s leave this sad post, with Victoria’s farewell to Jamie from the lost episode Fury from the Deep.