Snakedance was undoubtedly Tegan’s story, and became something of a recurring theme for her character.

There’s a lot to love about Tegan, not only was she the first Australian to join The Tardis Crew (still waiting on the second), she was scrappy, who wasn’t afraid to put The Doctor in his place when he needed it (which was all the time).

Tegan was also a loyal and loving friend, and she had enough sense to quit The Doctor when the going got to tough for her.

Snakedance features another summer look, which is perfectly in keeping with the great weather we’ve been having over here in the UK recently.


Tegan’s outfit can be worn as a playsuit, or two separated pieces, and I have provided looks for both options.

The Top.

Tegan’s top is hard to find an exact match for, but I’ve put together some alternatives.

shopping (3)White Bustier Top-Etsy PureValleyVintage 30.00

shopping (2)Chi Chi London Lace Corset Bustier-ASOS 45.00


The Shorts.

Tegan wears a pair of high waisted, scalloped edged shorts.

shopping (2)Scalloped Edge Shorts 10.00

shopping (1)Leather Look Shorts with Scallop Hem-ASOS 22.00


shoppingIeshah Bandeau Playsuit-Pretty Little Things 10.00

shoppingLily Lulu Fashion Tala Strapless Playsuit-15.00

And the budget busting…

shopping (1)Tamara Mellon Strapless 426.00

The Shoes.

Tegan finishes off this look with some strappy heels.

shopping (5)

shopping (4)HANG TIME Barely There Heeled Sandals – ASOS 25.00