Time Heist is the 5th episode of Series 8, and probably the hardest episode, so far, I have found to review.

Like, Robots of Sherwood, Time Heist is one of those episodes from this series, which divides fans, and I have to admit on first viewing, I wasn’t particularly impressed.

But, that’s what rewatches are for, and on my second viewing of Time Heist, I think there’s actually alot to commend it.


And on with the review…

The Pros.

Let’s start with what I feel are the strongest parts of the narrative, and the things that work best.

Saibra and Psi


Also known as the Augmented Human and the Mutant Human.

Psi is a hacker who has replaced most of his brain with a computer, and Saibra is a shapeshifting mutant human, so far so Sci-fi, what lifts this pair from being quirky guest stars of the week, are both actors’ excellent performances, and the way that they interact and bond with The Doctor and Clara.

Helpfully, both Psi and Saibra arrive fully formed characters, with their own tantalising hints of back story, which I for one would love to know more about.

1Time Heist in an episode that finds The Impossible Girl in a romantic mood, well she had been bound for another date with Mr Pink, before The Doctor interrupted all that.

Anyway, Clara is enjoying the flush of romance, and she and Psi bond over love, lost and forgotten in Psi case, since he wiped all memory of his friends and family before undergoing torture in prison.

Clara and Psi only share a view scenes together, but they are poignant, and charged enough to give a hint of what Psi may have made himself forget.

doctor-who-time-heist-9But as sweet Clara and Psi interactions are, it’s what goes on between The Doctor and Saibra I find the most interesting.

In many ways The Doctor and Saibra share a real connection, a woman who is forced to wear many faces due to a quirk in her genes, and a man who has chosen to do the same thing, due to a quirk of his own.

While Saibra longs to touch, the 12th incarnation likes to keep people at arms length.

Since we’re getting a new Doctor this year, I have started to think about who might join him aboard The Tardis, and while I would love to see Bill Potts return, it seems logical, and only fair, that the new Showrunner would want to usher in his own companion. If I’m honest, I’ve seen enough of contemporary companions, while I’d love to see a Jamie or Victoria, i.e. a companion from a historical era, I think a mutant human, similar to Saibra, could also open up some interesting angles when it comes to story telling.

I would have loved for Saibra to join The Doctor and Clara for an extended stay aboard The Tardis, but hey, who knows what’s in the future, and also that’s what fanfiction is for.

The Teller.


While The Teller may not be the scariest looking of Doctor Who monsters, the power, which it possesses is another story.

For The Teller can read minds, sort through the lies, and when it has finished, it turns your brain into soup.

The only way to escape The Teller is by not thinking, and once it has honed in on all your not thinking about thinking, there’s no way to escape, unless your name happens to be Clara Oswald.


The fact that in the end your own guilty conscience will betray you is a nice twist, especially when it comes to an episode build around the premise of stealing.


The Cons.

tellerWell if I’m being honest, and since I’m staring at a picture of The Teller while I write this, I suppose I should be, this next bit is both a pro and a con.

On rewatching  this episode, I really loved the subtle call backs to the styling in the 80’s, look closely, and lots of the visitors to the bank are wearing the sort of clothes that wouldn’t look out of place in the eras of the 5th,6th or 7th Doctors, but this is also the problem with the episode.

6e418ae19cf4cd546d6d8c36377a90e7Because Time Heist in many ways feels like a story that belongs in those eras, in fact it’s very easy to imagine the 7th Doctor and Ace taking part in a heist just like this, and while it would have been great fun to see an episode like that in the 80’s, now Time Heist just feels a bit Ocean’s Eleven/The Real Hustle, but with aliens.

The Villian of the Piece.

doctorwho.2005.timeheist.3Guest Star, who I have to admit I really love as an actress, and who I have gone ahead and dream cast as the villian in a book I have actually written, film/tv show probably coming out never. She is woefully underused in this episode, and while playing two parts neither are given enough to do, to linger long in the mind.

I hope Keeley gets another go at guesting on Doctor Who at some point, hopefully with a better character.

dw-8x05-timeheist-5Over all I’ve going to give Time Heist a respectable 7 out of 10.

The episode was much better than I remembered, and while it isn’t the best story of this series, I urge you to add it to your watch list.

tumblr_nc7uivBMia1qgyarho4_250.gifClara’s outfit gets a strong 10 in this episode, not only does she look fab, but she’s ahead of the curve on the unisex thing which is happening now.