It’s July, a brand new month, and time to feature one of my favourite monthly topics, baby names.

For those of you who may have missed my earlier posts, here are the links to the names of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Doctor’s companions.

The tenure of the 4th Doctor introduced us to a whole collection of futuristic sounding names, along with their alien owners, Doctor number 5 kept up this tradition inheriting companions Nyssa, Adric and Tegan, before gaining his very own alien companion in the form of Turlough.

While Nyssa and Tegan started their journeys with the 4th Doctor, he had so many companions over the course of his run, I thought it would be only fair if I let the 5th Doctor take them, after all, they did spend most of their time with that incarnation.

Peri, the 5th Doctor’s last companion has gone to Doctor number 6 for similar reasons.

Anyway blah, blah, blah, lets get on with it.

A Very Special Snowflake.


Nyssa or Of Traken, to give her, her full title, hailed from a planet unsurprisingly called Traken.

Traken was one of those unique to Sci-fi planets where no evil can exist, and well prepare yourself, because it’s where the Master decides to set up camp, you can probably piece the rest together for yourself.

In the end, Nyssa ends up being the only Of Traken left in the Universe, and well does the most logical thing and decides to travel with The Doctor.

Nyssa is a sweet, elf of a character, and like Adric, doesn’t really deserve to be binned off the Tardis the way she is in the end.

I could write an essay on where I feel the writers went wrong with Nyssa, and maybe I will one day…

Like conterparts Leela and Jenna, Nyssa is one of those names that sounds futuristic, and was often used in the 70’s and 80’s for the characters of alien girls, while still being based very much on Earth.

Unlike Leela and Jenna however, Nyssa still has a relatively fresh, little heard quality to it.

Name: Nyssa

Meaning: Goal.

Origin: Greek.


The Gobby Australian One.


Tegan was always going somewhere, first it was Heathrow Airport to take up a job as cabin crew, then it was all of Space and Time, the problem however was that she never quite reached her destination.

She never reached Heathrow, and she departed The Tardis in tears, poor Tegan for someone so strong, she had a weak ending.

During her time aboard The Tardis however Tegan became the Alpha Woman, Mumma Bear, and 2nd in command to The Doctor.

Unfortunately however, she’s probably the reason no Australian will ever be invited back into The Tardis, or allowed to touch the Doctor’s stuff ever, EVER again.

Once you get past Tegan’s habit of doing ALL THE SHOUTING, especially at The Doctor, she’s actually a really good character, with some suprising depth, given the time in which she was penned.

Tegan is one of those perfect 1980’s names, and while it may be very dated now, it’s unisex sounding qualities means that it will have a resurgence at some point in the future.

Name: Tegan

Meaning: Fair.

Origin: Welsh.


The Ginger Moany One.


No, that’s actually very mean of me, because Turlough isn’t that bad, he’s no Adric for a start…ouch, that’s also mean.

Look as Whovians we need to face up to the fact that Who has a bad track record at writing secondary male companions, for every Mickey Smith, Rory Williams and Jamie McCrimmon, there’s an Adric, a Danny Pink and of course Turlough.

Like Nyssa and Adric, Turlough also came from another planet which wasn’t Earth or Gallifrey.

Orginally something of a secondary villain, Turlough ended up joining The Tardis crew.

I could write another essay on why Turlough could have been SO GOOD, but ended up being bland at best, and seriously annoying most of the time.

Turlough’s first name was Vislor, which is made up, but his surname is real, and has a nice sounding quality to it.

Name: Turlough

Meaning: One who aids and assists.

Origin: Irish.