I think I’m still recovering from Saturday’s episode, World Enough and Time.

I promise this post will be spoiler free for anyone who hasn’t seen this episode yet, as always support Doctor Who and watch it.

In the early stages of World Enough and Time we get to see some frankly lovely additions to Bill’s wardrobe.

tumblr_os3ipx2J3s1uyur8yo1_400Special mention goes to this look.

However I’m going to be focusing on what I’m calling Bill’s Bench Chips Look.

tumblr_os4179bPSC1w69vhpo1_400Don’t look at me like that Bill.

In Bill’s Bench Chips Look we get a new bomber jacket, which appears to be more midnight blue in colour than black, and a new ribbed stripe jumper.

I am on the hunt for these exact items, and I will update the blog with them as soon as I have found any, but until then, here’s some alternatives.


The Jumper.

As mentioned, Bill gets a new jumper.

indexR essentiel Wool Mix Striped Skinny Rib Jumper-La Redoute 17.40

shoppingContemporary Striped Jumper CREAM/NAVY-Forever 21 10.99

The Bomber/Varsity Jacket.

shoppingNavy baseball jacket size-13.99

indexMaison Scotch Navy Bomber Jacket-135.00

shoppingA.P.C. Women’s Avengers Bomber Jacket-Coggles 180.00

And for that added touch that only Bill can bring, why not add the thunderbolt detail.

indexFlash patches-Etsy Heasundries 1.22

shoppingYellow Lightning Patch-Etsy 1.62