The Girl Who Died is one of the better episodes of Series 9 IMO.

This episode introduces us to Maisie Williams’ Ashildr/Mayor Me/Me, who I actually really like.


Anyway,  The Doctor and Clara end up in a Viking Village and much high jinks ensues, if you haven’t watched the episode I highly recommend it, so much so, that I’m not even going to tell you anything else about it.

So there…

The Denim Shirt.

I am a big fan of the denim shirt, and I absolutely love this look on Clara it really suits her, and also blue.

maje-chianti-shirt-clara-doctor-whoThanks to the always amazing we know that Clara’s original shirt is from Maje , I have posted a link to the site in case the shirt becomes available again, but as always here are some alternatives.

shopping (1)Denim shirt dark blue-Mango 19.99

shopping (2)Denim Shirt-Vero Moda  21.00

shoppingTexan Shirt in Denim Shirting Indigo-Motel Rocks 10.00


After spending some time in the village, Clara soon acquires herself a seriously nice, super cute fur and fabric gilet, and in true Clara Oswald style her new jacket comes in her favourite autumnal shades.

Clara’s gilet is clearly a custom made job, however I have managed to find some alternatives.

shopping (2)Vintage 70s Shearling Suede Vest-Etsy ShudderEmporium 73.06

shopping (1)Vintage 70s Vest – Embroidered Shearling Curly Fur Lamb Hippie Boho Waist Coat-Etsy dejavintageboutique 77.63

shoppingVintage 70s Vest-Etsy dejavintageboutique 306.42

Clara secures the gilet with a thick brown belt.

shopping (3)Heavy Hide Leather 1.5″ Jeans Belt With Plain Silver Buckle-27.99


Clara finishes the look with a pair of skinny black jeans.

I am going to go out on a limb here, and say that they are probably the same pair she wears in Face the Raven.

shopping (4)Skinny High Ankle Jeans – H&M 12.99

shopping (5)Black Skinny Jenna Jeans-New Look 12.99