Continuing my series of essays on Colour Coding Characters-see Clara, Amy and Rory, I’ve decided to turn my attention to River Song.

Unlike her predecessors, River’s journey through colour is harder to track, mainly because her timeline is ALL OVER THE PLACE.

Despite this however, two colours to stand out in River’s wardrobe, white and black.

The show has often used the colour of white, to foreshadow a characters certain doom.


Amy, Rory and Clara all wear more white than usual in their ‘death’ episodes.

So, with this in mind it’s no surprise that River turns up in her first episode dressed completely in white, because-spoiler alert-she dies at the end.


Pantone-Chip-WhiteAs a colour white is loaded with symbolism, and is closely associated with ideas about purity, perfection, peace, and the afterlife.

River is a character shrouded in mystery, who appears desperate to keep her secrets, but at the same time wants to share them with The Doctor, it’s hard for her to tell the truth, but at the same time she never lies.

River often wears white, or at least some hint of that colour, when she’s at her most, open and honest.




In these ‘white centric’ episodes, we find River at her keenest to share information with The Doctor and his companions.


If one half of River’s wardrobe is white, the other half is most definitely black.

67ee84aef9d6064d0b01b9e7a3f257f5--pantone-black-pantone-colorBlack is a colour heavily associated with death, evil, power and mystery.

In this colour we often find River at her most subversive, selfish and mischievous.




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But with River nothing is ever that simple.