Saturday turned out to be a bumper day for Doctor Who, with new episodes appearing on both BBC 1 and Radio 4 Extra.

Paradise 5 features an all star cast, inclusing Colin Baker as The 6th Doctor, Nicola Bryant as Peri Brown, and not playing The Master this time, Alex Mcqueen.

tumblr_n0awjzHI3x1rmwez8o9_r1_400The sort of fight I wish The Doctor and The Master would get into. Forget the fate of planets, watch the Paul Smith.

Paradise 5 finds The Doctor and Peri investigating the disappearance of one of The Doctor’s friends aboard a heavenly themed space cruise liner, it’s exactly as camp as it seems, and it’s one of those episodes that works better on the radio, than on an 80’s TV budget.

Catch up on the two episodes here.

I have been playing around with what the 8th Doctor’s companions Lucie Miller, Tamsin Drew and the rest might have worn, so I have decided to start with Peri, because in the episode we are told that she’s wearing a short white, Grecian style dress, with boots that pinch.

I’ve decided to swap the boots for some Greek style sandals.

So, here’s my go at imagining Peri Brown’s look in Paradise 5.

shoppingCoast Corwin Multi- Tie Mini Dress-ASOS 89.00

Longer Versions.

shoppingVila Grecian Maxi Dress-ASOS 17.00

shoppingRed Herring White Textured Grecian Maxi Dress-Debenhams 17.00

The Shoes.

Everything on board Paradise 5 is either in the colour of white or gold, so I’ve picked gold for Peri’s sandals.

shoppingGold Knotted Gladiator Sandals-Missguided 20.00

shoppingRose Gold Metallic Gladiator Sandals-New Look 25.99