We are in the home stretch now with only two more episodes of Doctor Who, and the amazing Bill Potts still to come.

So far IMO Series 10 has been a great improvement, with only the three part MONKS stories falling flat for me.

Saturday’s episode, The Eaters of Light was especially a high point for me, I really loved this episode, it felt like old 80s Who, but in a GOOD way.

The Eaters of Light is also a record holding episode as it features Rona Munro, who is the first writer to have penned for both Old and Nu Who.

Rona Munron was unlucky enough to have been the last writer to pen an episode of Old Who, the fantastic Survival-Ace’s outfit from that episode can be found here.

Okay, enough on The Eaters of Light, support Doctor Who and watch the episode.

Why have I put the Empress of Mars and The Eaters of Light together, because Bill wears the same colour block ski jumper in both, just styled a little differently.

tumblr_orckhc0zDM1qbwjgso5_500Bill at NASA in the Empress of Mars.

cooperative-Colourblock-Ski-Jumper-bill-doctor-whoBill’s jumper is from Urban Outfitters, it’s no longer on sale, but I have put together a link to the orginal jumper and some alternatives in this post here.

This post is a bit waffle-y, but its about how you can restyle a staple, so it looks different each time you wear it.


In the Empress of Mars Bill teams her ski jumper with her ever faithful denim jacket, and MOTO Topshop jeans, you can find links to those items here.

p055zm25In The Eaters of Light Bill re-styles the same jumper again, but this time with a pair of skinny Mum style jeans.


Bill is The Queen of the capsule wardrobe.