Sara Kingdom was cool.

She was also one of the scariest and most ruthless companions ever to travel with The Doctor, not that she travelled with him and Steven for long.

Sara was a warrior in the tradition of The 4th Doctor’s companion Leela, she packed some serious fire power.

Played by the absolutely fantastic Jean Marsh, Sara Kingdom is one of those tantalising Who characters I would have loved to see more of.


The Jacket.

Sara wears a military style jacket as part of her uniform.

For this look I have decided to go for a less uniform look, and something you could wear everyday in the spirit of Sara Kingdom.

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The Treggings.

Over her military jacket, Sara wears a pair of super tight treggings.

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shopping (3)Regatta Seren Treggings-House of Fraser 20.00

The Boots.

shopping (5)Faith Black ‘millie’ Knee High Boots-Debenhams 95.20