Okay, so I have already talked extensively on this subject in relation to the characters of Amy Pond and Clara Oswald, and I’ve decided to turn the spotlight on Amy’s other half, Rory Williams.

Whereas the colours used in Amy’s costuming can be seen as a metaphor for her long, protracted journey to adulthood (from fiery red to grounded earth tones), and the autumn leaf motif and Tardis blue are a way to track Clara’s journey from stability to freedom, I will attempt to argue that the choice of colour in Rory’s costuming is about ownership, particularly Amy’s ownership of Mr Williams, and his feelings for her in turn.

Two colours stand out in Rory’s wardrobe.



download (1)Red.

Blue is heavily associated with The Tardis, and red throughout Moffats’ run as showrunner is linked to Amy.

Blue and red are colours synonymous with another fictional character.


Unlike Superman, Rory is the perfect Everyman, travelling through time and space on the whim of his girlfriend, and later wife, Amy.


There is a third colour in the mix here, well it’s less of a colour and more of a tone, Earth tones to be exact, but I’ll get onto that later.

The first time we meet Rory in The Eleventh Hour he is clad almost entirely in his blue nurse’s uniform, the colour is only broken by the edition in later scenes of his grey check hoodie.


There is of course another character who wears mostly blue in this episode.

TheEleventhHour9Rory and The Doctor are seen to be the binary opposite to each other in this episode, with The Doctor representing fun, excitment and escape, while Rory appears to be stable, bumbling and boring.

tumblr_m1p61oTkBX1r5lk54o3_400The colour red makes the briefest apperances on Rory’s uniform in the form of the pens, which are poking out of his pocket.

Blue and Red.

Series 5.

The next time we meet Rory is in The Vampires of Venice during his Stag Party.

Vampires-of-Venice-Next-Time-1Not only is Rory wearing the brigtest red we will ever see him in, but he also has a picture of Amy on his chest, well it’s him and Amy, but as we know with The Ponds, it’s mainly Amy.

Rory is wearing the colour most associated with Amy, and he has a picture of her on his chest, he’s Mr Pond to Be.

tumblr_inline_mtuuazHaji1re57l3When The Doctor reunites Rory with his intended, he breaks up all the red with a blue bodywarmer.

The episode Amy’s Choice, finds Rory back in blue and red, again.

5191213_origOn board The Tardis.

457572_1275554599578_fullGrown-up life with Amy.

After finally realising just how much she loves him, normality is resumed, and The Hungry Earth finds Rory looking his most well Rory-ish.

Rory-The-Hungry-Earth-rory-williams-12748433-500-281Spot the hint of red around Rory’s collar, he’s still Amy’s boy.

A bad thing happens in this episode, so the next time we meet Rory he looks like this.


Rory makes another apperance in The Big Bang wearing the dark navy uniform of a security guard.


After all this however Rory finally becomes Mr Pond, and there isn’t a hint of blue or red to be seen.


Until Series Six, that is.

Series 6.

tumblr_lkotdeoqFV1qfdneyo1_250Rory, The Doctor and River Song are on the hunt for Amy, who has been taken by The Silence.

While Rory’s suit may be uncharacteristically sombre, the dark red of his tie keeps him bonded to his missing wife.

Only in Blue.

During Series 6 the only times when Rory is wearing exclusively blue, are at those points when his feeling for Amy are compromised.



In the 6 other episodes in which Rory appears he’s usually wearing some form of red, however muted.


Series 7a.

See The Ponds’ last adventures with The Doctor.

tumblr_inline_ojf34c7E121qjz56b_540Asylum of the Daleks finds The Ponds’ marriage in a very bad place, but despite all this Rory still loves Amy.

tumblr_mas722fKAb1rtmlvfo1_500At home with The Ponds finds Rory in a muted maroon/dark red.

As mentioned before there is another series of colours that begin to grow in prominence in both Rory and Amy’s wardrobes from Series 6 onwards, Earth Tones.


For Amy browns and greens are the symbol of her growning up, and it could be argued that it’s the same for Rory, the older the pair get, the more important these colours become.

Series 6.

Earth Tones.


Series 7a.


Alternatively, maybe Amy just buys Rory’s clothes.