Okay, so with some help from The Nu Who Companions Guide to Prom Dress, you’ve managed to find the perfect dress, but what about your hair…

Straight, curls, fringe, up, down, don’t panic, The Nu Who Companions Guide to Prom Hair is here to help, again…

The Updo.

The Updo is the raining champion of event hair, classic, sleek, and stylish, you can style this look simply, with curls, or added accesories.

tumblr_inline_mtt7tjhC291re57l3Use strands of hair to frame your face.

1177888_1360232008008_fullThe ever reliable bun.

vlcsnap-2013-04-25-17h31m26s248Use loose detailing at the back to soften your look.

anglo_1080x1080_hors4The Updo with curls.

C-p8OcIXkAAuE1pDon’t be afraid to pile on the accesories for added impact.



Waves are another perennial event look hair, from celebrites to brides, this look never fails to wow.

tumblr_inline_nbhmm2e69a1qegzffWhy not try waves with a loose plait.


screen-shot-2013-11-09-at-12-39-33Messy waves for that relaxed look.

images-Hide-Gifs-D-doctor-who-34289067-245-245Go to town with the curls.

Hair off the Face.

For that sleek, yet styled look.

doctor-who-rose-christmasUse twists to pull hold your hair back in interesting ways.

tumblr_or0kh6zBBI1sujepao5_250Or alternatively an elborate plait.

amy-pond-and-ralph-lauren-mens-moose-intarsia-fairisle-sweater-gallerytumblr_inline_nobvfzxeDe1s2djns_500Pull the hair back with a simple slide.


A favourite of mine as I am blessed/cursed with the curly hair.

CwuULbWXUAAwc5p.jpg largeTame the beast, well sort of, by pinning or plaiting the hair back on one side.

tumblr_inline_mklt9tJRQR1rf2nk8Style those curls.

tumblr_nyuyy9i4X51swb8wno1_1280Let in all hang out.

2x02-Tooth-and-Claw-Screencap-Rose-Tyler-rose-tyler-3940614-500-288Style those curls short.


Hair Bonus.



doctor-who-amy-series-7Let your colour make the statement.