Fury from the Deep is one of the lost episodes of Doctor Who, it’s also Victoria Waterfield’s final appearance in the series (until a TV movie special).

In a way Victoria’s departure feels like a good thing (for Victoria that is), being born in the 19th century, and having had a fairly sheltered life, nothing seems to have prepared Victoria for her travels with The Doctor, in the end, unlike Jamie, she’s just not cut out for all the danger, mad yeti robots, and so on…


Hopefully, at some point in the future Fury of the Deep will get the same animated treatment as Power of the Daleks.

Anyway, I’m just going to skip to Victoria’s amazing outfit, which is one of my favourites.


The Dress.

It’s not the best screen cap in the world, but if you squint you can see Victoria’s super cute dress.

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Victoria finishes off this simple classic look with a pair of black, flat loafers.

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