Zoe was a teenage genius from the future, who encountered The 2nd Doctor and his companion Jamie, aboard her home, which was a giant wheel in space.

Zoe was feisty, intelligent, and perfectly capable.

The Doctor viewed her as an intellectual equal, and a student under his guidance.

Along with Liz Shaw, ACE and Leela, Zoe is one of my favourite companions from Old Who, and it’s lucky for us that so many of her adventures with The Doctor and Jamie have actually survived.

Hailing from the future, Zoe joined The Tardis crew with an iconic, futuristic wardrobe.

zoe-heriot-s-sparkly-jumpsuitSparkly catsuit included.

But if Zoe was brought back aboard The Tardis, what would she be wearing in 2017?


Jumpsuits and play-suits were an important parts of Zoe’s wardrobe.

shopping (2)Basic Long Sleeve Disco Catsuit black-Boohoo.com 15.00

shoppingPETITE Black Pinspot Jumpsuit-Topshop 52.00

shopping (1)**Star Sequin Catsuit by Jaded London-Topshop 56.00


shopping (3)Sleeveless playsuit – H&M 19.00

shopping (5)White tie waist cold shoulder playsuit-River Island 45.00

shopping (4)Miss Selfridge Jumpsuit-Zalando 55.00



Zoe was also a big fan of short skirts and PVC, it’s not actually as bad as it sounds.

shopping (1)Contemporary Patent Mini Skirt RED-Forever 21 15.00

shoppingDaisy Street Womens PVC Mini Skirt-Footasylum 17.99

shoppingDaisy Street Rain Mac In Vinyl-ASOS 37.99


Zoe liked her dresses short and BRIGHT as well.

shopping (1)Multiway Mesh Mini Dress-ASOS 22.00

shopping (2)Cord Velvet Pinafore Dress-Topshop 34.00

Zoe was also a big fan of the accessories, check out my post about her shoes here .