The 4th incarnation of The Doctor introduced us to a host of new, alien sounding names.

Although he still had his human companions Sarah Jane Smith and Harry Sullivan, this Doctor also travelled with two incarnations of the Time Lady Romana, the savage human from the future Leela, and child prodigy Adric from the planet Alzarius.

The Human Element.


Harry Sullivan was a Royal Navy surgeon and member of U.N.I.T, along with Sarah Jane and The Brig, Harry witnessed The 3rd Doctor’s regeneration into the 4th.

If I’m honest I have only seen one story featuring Harry, Genesis of the Daleks, which is without a doubt one of the best Dalek related episodes of both old and nu Who, I highly recommend tracking it down.

Anyway…back to Harry…

Who has recently made an appearance of sorts in Series 10 (episode Knock, Knock) in the form of Bill’s housemate Harry, who is reported by the episode’s writer Mike Bartlett has stated is Harry Sullivan’s grandson.

How these revelation comes about I’m not sure, as the lines about new Harry being old Harry’s Grandson were cut from the show, and we will probably have to wait for the DVD extras to find out more.

gallery-1493896674-13349748-low-res-doctor-who-s10Young Harry, and look he’s already helpfully colour coded Tardis blue.

I hope that we get to see some version of Harry’s Grandson in the future, because it would be nice to find out more about what happened to the old companions, possibly through their kids, and in this case grandkids.

Harry Sullivan’s full name is never revealed, he may be a Henry or a Harold or even just a Harry, so I’ve put together some variations on this name.

Name: Henry.

Meaning: Estate Ruler.

Origin: German.

Name: Harold

Meaning: Army Ruler.

Origin: Scandinavian.

Sullivan has also become a popular unisex name in it’s own right in recent years.

Name: Sullivan.

Meaning: Black-Eyed One.

Origin: Irish.

Eliza Doolittle with a hunting knife.


Leela was a ‘savage’ human girl from the future.

First encountered in Face of Evil-which is another great episode, Leela comes from a space colony, which has slowly regressed back into the Stone Age.

Orginally conceived as a sort of Eliza Doolittle, to The Doctor’s Henry Higgins, Leela learns during her travels aboard The Tardis that poison darts aren’t always the answer, and that sometimes talking does help.

Leela could have been a hideous miss step of a character, but she works amazingly well, and she’s actually one of my favourite Old Who compaions.

Leela has one of those great ‘Space Sounding Names’, and the character of Turanga Leela from Futurama is named after her.


Name: Leela.

Meaning: Play.

Origin: Sanskrit.

One of these Time Ladies is not like the other.


Romanadvoratrelundar or to give her the name she went by on The Tardis, Romana, was a Time Lady, and the first of The Doctor’s own race to travel with him since the depature of his Granddaughter Susan.

As with The Doctor, both versions of Romana had very different personalities.

Romana I was intellegent, cool headed, and arrogant, often sparring verbally with The Doctor, and always giving as good as she got.

While, Romana II was easy going, childlike and ethusiastic about her adventures with The Doctor.

While, I may personally prefer Romana I, Romana II is a great companion as well, and I’m holding out for a regeneration and the hope that the character will return to the show in some form in the future.

Name: Romana.

Meaning: A Roman.

Origin: Latin.

The Wesley Crusher of Doctor Who.


Yep, that’s right before Star Trek’s own Wesley Crusher, there was Adric, an attempt at a throw-back to the days when The Doctor travelled with teenagers like Susan and Vicki, the difference being that neither Susan or Vicki were insufferable know-it-alls.

No that’s a bit mean, and Adric didn’t deserve to leave The Tardis the way he did.

Adric’s name was made up for the show from an anagram of the Nobel Prize winning physicist Paul Dirac.