The Lie of the Land sees Bill go through her own version of Donna’s depressed look.

It also happens to be the last part of The Monks Trilogy.

In this new destopian reality Bill has lost her natural Bill-ness, and has retreated into a world of dark blues and blacks.


The Jumper.

Bill wears a dark navy chunky knit jumper.

indexOversized Vintage Jumper 10.00

indexBarbour Clove Hitch Jumper-Jules B 90.29


The Jumpsuit.

This is probably the least wearable part of Bill’s look.

shoppingEuro Work Polycotton Coverall-10.95

A more wearable alternative.

shoppingTimed Out Tencel Boiler Suit Navy-Great Plains 90.00

The Lie Od The Land

Bill finishes this look with a navy blue reefer jacket, which IMO really suits her.

shoppingNavy Blue Pea Coat With Gold Buttons-H&M 49.99

shoppingLevis Womens Good Peacoat Jacket-59.99

shoppingGiant Revere Classic Peacoat Navy-Jigsaw 198.00