I have decided to put together a sort of a list of best dressed to worst dressed companions from each decade.

I am starting with the 80’s because Twin Peaks is back on the telly, and reasons…

In the Top Spot is…

Romana II



Romana II shared a similair Time Lord/Lady taste for natty, eccentric dressing.

Well if you hail from a race where hats like the ones above are On Trend, what can you expect…


Anyway, where as Romana’s first incarnation Romana I had favoured a sleek, somewhat regal silhouette, Romana II expermented with vintage looks from Earth, bright colours and well hats…she’s a Time Lady, give her a break.

Romana’s Best Looks.

romana ii 1


indexFind a link to my version of Romana’s iconic City of Death look here.

Meh Looks.

Not that any of Romana’s styling falls into the terrible camp, but her Edwardian Seaside bather look isn’t one of my favourites.


The Second Spot Goes To…


AKA Dorothy Gale McShane 1987-1989.


If you follow this blog in anyway, you will already know that Ace is my favourite companion of OldWho, I could gush on about what makes her so great, but I’ll leave that for another day.

ace_doctor_whoFrom her badge covered bomber.

tumblr_mmequfgErg1r2bwdpo5_250To her baggy tees.

Ace has one of the most iconic looks in Who old or nu.

Ace’s Best Looks.

tumblr_m1m95hK8eW1qk0g18o4_500Link to the look here.



In third place, probably one of the least remembered and worst liked…

Melanie Bush



Mel was a computer programmer-not much was made of the fact.

Like River Song, who also had the massive hair, Mel also met The Doctor out of sequence- not much was made of that either.

Mel hailed from a village called Pease Pottage, and ALOT was made of that fact.

Mel is one of those wasted characters in Who, she was played by a good actress, but she had the misfortune to woefully underwritten and proceed a companion who was much loved.

While Mel may have got the thin end of the wedge when it came to stories and characterisation, in terms of fashion she’s fimly in my Top 3.


Because Mel’s wardrobe is on the good side of 80’s excess, bright colours and bold accessories.


Mel_and_DeltaMy version of this look can be found here.

10 Melanie Bush

What was she thinking…

Mel’s least exciting look happens to be her last, from the episode Dragon Fire.



In 4th place…

Peri Brown.



It’s easy to say that Peri probably isn’t one of the most inspiring companions.

A screamer, and the ultimate example of ‘one for the Dads’, Peri’s character never really graduated from cute, bikini wearing American student.

Peri came in at the end of the run of costumed companions, thankfully however unlike Tegan and Nyssa, she got to change her shorts every once in a while, and after the hiatus Peri came back with a pretty amazing wardrobe.

Best Looks.

mindwarpperiFind my version of this look here.


What was she thinking?

61265f0201c707a5f4cfd18d251dff5a I am as much a fan of tartan as the next girl, but Peri looks like a Christmas Tree here.

One from the bottom.

Tegan Jovanka.



Tegan was an Australian spitfire who joined The Tardis crew almost at the end of the 4th Doctor’s run, and stayed on with the 5th incarnation of The Doctor, become his right hand woman, Den Mother, and voice of sense.

Tegan was a costumed companion, and she joined the series wearing probably one of the best Cabin Crew costumes I have ever seen.

teganEat your heart out The Fifth Element and Britney Spears.


The problem was that Tegan wore this look for so many stories, that it’s easy to fear for her health.

When Tegan was eventually allowed to burn her uniform, she showed a real 80’s flare for fashion.


Tegan’s what was she thinking moment comes from the fact that she wore one look for far to long, it may be iconic, that doesn’t make it hygienic.

And the worst dressed is…




Poor Nyssa she suffered the same fate as Tegan, to be a costumed companion for most of her run on the show.


While Nyssa’s look is in no way terrible, and it makes every sense that she should want to hold onto it for as long as possible, the slight variations in her costume just aren’t enough to pull her over the line.

NyssaMUWhen eventually Nyssa did get a distinctive change in costume, it came far too close to her exit from the show.


What do you think of my choices, agree, disagree?