There has been a lot written about character development and Amy Pond, or lack there of, and while I tend to agree with most of it, I don’t think Amy is completely without development.

While her journey may not be as interesting as her immediate predecessor Donna Noble, Amy does have her own arc.

Amy goes from Amelia Pond, strange, orphaned, wide-eyed girl who befriends The Doctor in her garden, to Amy, a girl who has seemingly given up on her dreams and is somewhat aimless in life.

Throughout her journey aboard The Tardis, Amy identifies herself as Amy Pond not Amelia (The Doctor often calls her this) or as Amy Williams (her married name).

In my reading of the character Amy appears to refuse to give up any of her independence.


Amy’s story eventually comes to an end with this…


And while I’m not completely happy with Amy being identified entirely as Rory’s loving wife, it’s interesting to note that by the end of her life Amy has once again embraced her full name, along with her married one.

We later find out through unfilmed PS and the book Summer Falls, that Amy goes on to become a Mum again, and a successful writer.


But what does all this have to do with colour, I hear you ask?

While it’s far less subtle than Clara Oswald ,I’m ready to argue that the colours Amy wears throughout her time on The Tardis,  help to somewhat signpost her journey from Amelia Pond, to Amy, and finally to Amelia Williams, basically Amy grows up.

d41e46bd8efcf6ab8105f051d316e296The hit of red, the stripes, the denim skirt, the coloured tights, the outfit featured above on young Amelia Pond features all the key elements that will make-up Amy’s wardrobe.



Red is Amy’s signature colour, from her gorgeous hair to her long manicured nails, throughout Series 5 & 6 this colour more than any other defines her style.

Red is a colour that is strongly associated with passion and fire, and in those ways it’s a perfect emblem for Amy Pond, who is probably one of the most passionate companions in NuWho.

Red is also the colour of love, which also makes perfect sense for Amy as she loves Rory and The Doctor with all her heart.


However it should also be noted that red is also the colour most associated with war and danger.

tgww2Amy has shown herself to be more than capable in a fight.


We learn in The Pandorica Opens that parts of Amy Pond’s life have been manipulated so that she will act as a lure for The Doctor.

This is a theme that comes up again, when Amy and Rory’s daughter is created to be the ultimate trap for The Doctor.

Series 5



DOCTOR WHOamy pond snowAmy-Pond-doctor-who-for-whovians-28246298-320-320doctor_who_the_pandorica_opens_the_big_bang_karen_gillan1

Series 6

The check shirts of doom.

Throughout Series 6 Amy wears a variation of red and white check shirts, I’m not sure if it’s meant to be a nod to the fact that Amy’s a ganger at the start of the series, or if she just really, really, really loves that type of shirt.


Unless I am wrong, and I may well been, the screen grab from the episode The Wedding of River Song is the last time we see Amy wearing anything of the red hue.

But what does it all mean…

Well, out of the 13 episodes of Series 5 Amy wears something red in more than 7, my maths isn’t great, but that’s well over half.

In the 14 episodes of Series 6, Amy again wears red 7 times.

That’s 14 times,  if you smoosh them together, an entire series of Amy in something red.

IMO red can be associated with the persona of Amy Pond, not Amelia or Amelia Williams.

Amy wears the colour red like armour, yes she’s flirty, but there’s something overblown and childish about her sexuality, for instance she tries to play the scarlet, seductress in this outfit…


After the tramatic birth of her daughter Melody, Amy appears to grow out of the colour red, so much so that she never wears it again in Series 7b.

What takes the place of red…


The answer is Earth tones.

Mustards, khakis and various shades of brown grow in prominence in Amy’s wardrobe from Let’s Kill Hitler.

These are the shades of grown-up Amelia Williams.

Series 6.



Series 7a.


In Conclusion…

imagesRed can be seen to symbolise Amy’s passion for life and her firey love for those she cares about.

tumblr_lxb5ygyKCl1qkjxrmo1_500Earth tones can be seen to symbolise Amy’s transition from immature young woman, to a self-assured Mum and Wife.