Romana I was a Time Lady who travelled with the 4th incarnation of The Doctor, until she regenerated and became Romana II.

This might be controversial, but I’ve always preferred Romana I over II, as I’ve always thought Romana II was a bit self-satisfied and smug.

Don’t get me wrong smugness seems to be a characteristic of Time Lords and Ladies, just look at The Doctor and The Master/Missy, but for some reason Romana I was able to pull off her quota of smugness without getting irritating.

But, as I said this is just my opinion, and Romana II’s not actually that bad a companion.

Summer is really starting to heat up here in the UK, and Romana’s look from The Stones of Blood is perfect for this time of year, when it might actually cloud over and rain at any point, even in July…even in August…


The Top.

Romana’s top is batwing jersey style, which is hard to find, so as always I have put together some alternatives.

indexGypsy Top-JD Williams 10.00

shoppingV by Very BATWING TUNIC, Wine-Very 15.00

shoppingBrief Women Irregular Hem Batwing Long Sleeve Solid Color Cotton Tops-10.26

The Stones of Blood 4

The Skirt.

Romana wears a boho style long tiered skirt.

indexBohemian Tier Long Skirt-9.50

indexNO.5 Deep Red Cotton Gauze-Etsy JoozieCotton 31.90

shoppingLong Boho Skirt-Etsy Ablaa 29.51

Romana finishes off this festival ready look with a pair of wooden mules and a thin, understated gold chain.

shoppingWomens Brown leather strappy clogs-River Island 38.00

shoppingDelicate Gold Boho Necklace-GalisJewelryco 19.54