So, this is a post that has been on my mind since the very start of this blog, all the way back in January.

I have been putting it off for a while, as I wasn’t entirely sure I would be able to pull it off satisfactorily, but what the hell.

For this series of essays, and I am hoping it will become a series, I will be looking mainly at the NuWho companions, begining with the ‘Imposible Girl’ herself Clara Oswald.


Colour Coding.

I have gone into this a little in previous posts about how Rose, Amy and Donna have all been colour coded in their own unique ways.

The signature colour for Rose is usually pink, Donna is purple and Amy is of course red, these colours wax and wain throughout each series, but essentially each colour will appear in some form.

Clara Oswald takes this a step further still, especially during Series 8.

indexThe key to much of Clara’s wardrobe is the humble and brilliant autumn leaf.

An autumn leaf is the thing that brings Clara’s parents together, and it is the thing, which she uses to save The Doctor in The Rings of Akhaten.


22The Doctor in turn uses the same leaf to find and rescue Clara in The Name of The Doctor.


Series 7b.

The very first time we see Clara as Clara Prime she is wearing the muted colours that would go on to define her style.


Throughout Series 7b we see the colours of Clara’s wardrobe fluctuate from bright scarlets, blacks, and oranges to various shades of blue, in the end only one of these colours will eventually come out on top.



We end series 7b with this look in The Name of the Doctor.


After The Name of The Doctor Clara’s autumnal colour palette appears to become more and more important to her overall wardrobe as she appears to accept her role in real grown-up life, and her overall leafy-ness.

Clara’s autumnal palette from mustard to brown from Series 7b and 8.


Throughout Series 8 autumn colours begin to dominate Clara’s wardrobe, with a few notable exceptions in Listen, Flatline, In the Forest of the Night and with the conclusion of Death in Heaven.


After Death in Heaven the next time we see Clara is in the Christmas Special Last Christmas.

Last Christmas is a notable depature in warmth from her ‘I’m an autumn leaf’wardrobe, and it’s the first time we see her wearing this particular shade of blue.

tumblr_ng4skqT9mZ1rsoxtao1_500The blue in this episode helps to code ‘Sad Clara’, she’s lost Danny and The Doctor, and maybe possibly even herself.

From Series 9 we see a gradual move away from the autumn colours of Series 8, blues, greys and whites begin to become dominant, and the last time we see ‘Leaf Clara’ is in two parter Under the Lake/Before the Flood.


If the leaf was the key to Clara in series 8, then The Tardis becomes important from Series 9.


Series 9.


Which leads us finally too…


Full circle again with blue and white.

main-qimg-cf7d0d303714ce2c7f4b3e2d039d8857-cAs demonstrated by this handy chart, orange and blue are opposites of each other on the colour wheel.

Clara’s Colour Key

indexClara battling to find the sweet spot between her travels with The Doctor and grown-up life as a teacher and with Danny.

the_tardisSad Clara and Clara fully embracing her life as a timetravelling badass.