Thin Ice is set during the last Frost Fair on the Thames in 1814.

This is my first attempt at putting a historical look together, I have focused on The Doctor’s shirt, waistcoat, outercoat and top hat for this.



The Shirt.

The Doctor is wearing a wing collar dress shirt.

shoppingMarcello Wing Collar Regular Fit Dress Shirt-John Lewis 40.00

shoppingMoss 1851 Slim Fit Marcella Wing Collar Dress Shirt-Moss Bros 45.00


The Waistcoat.

The Doctor’s waistcoat is in the devore style, this is hard to find so I have put together a selection of different looks.


shoppingTed Baker London Black Devore-Ebay 120.00

Matching the Lining.

shoppingMens Blue SELECTED HOMME Navy Waistcoat-Topman 17.00


shoppingMens Black Twill Waistcoat-Topman 35.00


Again, as with the waistcoat, The Doctor’s frock coat was hard to match, but here goes…

shoppingMen Jackets Outerwear Lapel Longline Single ed Wool Coat-Rosewholesale 24.40

shoppingHamaki-Ho Grey Mid Length Frock Coat-Jonathan Trumbull & Hatters 87.48


The Accessories.

I love hats…this is all.

shoppingCollapsible Black Silk Top Hat-34.49