Smith and Jones introduces us to the fabulous Martha Jones.

In this opening episode Martha shows herself to be resourceful, caring and very brave.

I absolutely love Martha, she’s a breath of fresh air after the whole Ten/Rose thing, it’s just such a shame that she got saddled with the whole rebound/love lorn stick, and incurred the wrath of various parts of the fandom.

Once the whole unrequited love story-line was put to bed at the end of Series 3, Martha really blossomed IMO, becoming a valued member of U.N.I.T and Torchwood, and having a really interesting and fun relationship with the legendary Donna Noble.


I’ve made no secret of the fact that I think Martha got the thin end of the wedge when it came to costume design.

A sort of confused mash-up between Rose’s casual style and Donna, when really she should always have been a lot closer to Clara’s effortlessly excellent wardrobe.

Smith and Jones shows Martha in her day job as a junior doctor, her work-a-day style is smart but plain, with baggy black trousers and a sort of dark teal/teal coloured top.

Teal is a colour we don’t often see Martha wearing, and that’s a shame because it really suits her.


The Top.

The colour and style of Martha’s top is hard to find, but I have tried to match it.

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I’ve given Martha’s trousers a bit of a 2017 update.

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The Earrings.

Martha finishes off her look with some small, classic hoop earrings.

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