This episode is funny, campy, and strangely sad.

The villains, fish people from space aren’t particularly memorable, but Helen McCrory does a great job adding some much needed sympathy, along with the bite in the role of Rosanna Calvierri.

What can I say about Amy’s outfit in this episode, it’s typical of most of her looks during Season 5, not particularly well put together, and a little all over the place, Amy really grows up in terms of fashion from Season 6 on-wards.

Amy’s tights are absent from this post, as I’ve decided to give them a post all of their own, so look out for that soon, Amelia Pond is the Queen of Tights.


The leather jacket.

The exact jacket Amy wears was hard to find, but here are some alternatives.

shoppingRJR.John Rocha-Debenhams 48.30

8c5509c4c6f5c1b3854d67a29e1a1362MADEMOISELLE R Leather Bomber Jacket- La Redoute 199.00

The Camis.

Amy wears her usual, two cami tops, grey and dark teal for that pop of colour.

shopping (4)Camisole Vest 8.00

shopping (5)Draped spaghetti strap top Dark Teal-Esprit 10.00

shopping (2)Grey Shoestring Strap Cami Top-New Look 2.99

shopping (3)Contemporary Scoop-Back Cami-Forever 21 2.99

The Skirt.

Amy is back in the denim, micro mini…

Amy’s style of skirt was really hard to find, that’s why I’ve only produced one alternative.

shoppingVintage Denim Mini Skirt/Pencil-Etsy Polomocha 10.24

The Accessories.

shopping (1)Classic Leather Belt-Crew Clothing Company 25.00


Amy adds yet another flash of colour with a red scarf, this was something of her signature when she first travelled with The Doctor.

shopping (1)Lierys Malita Knit Scarf-43.95

Budget busting.

shoppingAcne Studios burgundy canada narrow wool scarf-Matchesfashion 110.00

A bit brighter than Amy’s usual red.

shopping (2)Bright Red scarf hand knit-Etsy VLapsaCrafts 36.14