Doctor Who does It’s A Wonderful Life.

Turn Left is where we learn just how important Donna is, and what would have happened to The Doctor and the world, if the pair had never met.

Basically DEATH…

The Doctor dies, Martha dies, Sarah-Jane and The Bannerman Road Gang die, and Torchwood die…but Torchwood have a habit of dying so…

Everyone dies, and everyone suffers, put purhaps no-one suffers more than poor Donna.

doctor-who-turn-left_2Donna looking all depressed, wrapped in the scarf of heavy mourning.

In this new less than wonderful reality Donna must confront the woes being jobless, homeless, living in a kitchen with her Grandad and her as ever ‘delightful’ Mum, oh and she’s still single, so basically living like an average Millenial.

Unlike most of us Millenial’s however, Donna doesn’t drown her sorrows by posting pic after pic on instagram of her latest Starbucks Unicorn frappuccino.

indexBut look how pretty it is.

No, instead of pulling out her smartphone and starting a blog, Donna decides the best way to give voice to her inner turmoil is through her clothes, skillfully assembling one of the most depressing wardrobes ever seen in the history of Who…and that is saying something.


Come what may Donna is still Donna, and she manages to cling onto what’s left of her old life with the signature pop of her very favourite colour purple, but even that is muted.


shoppingJoules Ladies Eartha Roll Neck Jumper-Millbry Hill 39.00

shopping (1)Phase Eight Woven Hem Roll Neck Jumper-House of Fraser 45.00

shopping (3)Ladies Pure Cashmere Cowl Neck Jumper-Marchbrae 69.30


Donna teams her roll neck with a pair of baggy, bootcut jeans…I hate this style of jeans.

shoppingMantaray Mid Wash Bootcut Jeans-Debenhams 19.00


Donna pulls the look together with a combo of drab scarf/coat.

shopping (3)Khaki Textured Maxi Duster Coat-New Look 18.00

shopping (2)New Look Classic coat-Zalando 20.99

indexThe North Face Minna Cable Knit Scarf-23.95