After the success of these previous posts  The Whovian Guide to Baby Names-1st Doctor’s Companions and The Whovian Guide to Baby Names-2nd Doctor’s Companions, I’ve decided to do a follow up with the 3rd Doctor.

Doctor Number 3’s tenure was a radical departure from previous Doctor’s 1 and 2, for a start he was stranded on Earth, and had to get a job.

He ended up working with U.N.I.T, and this led to a whole host of different characters taking on the role of companions.

Gone were the stary-eyed young things, the likes of Jamie, Zoe, Ben and Polly, and in their places came slightly older professional types.

Liz Shaw the 3rd Doctor’s first companion was a scientist who became his assistant, Jo Grant was a U.N.I.T operative, which basically required her to be good at escapology and fighting when the plot required, and of course Sarah-Jane was a journalist.

Also the boy ones had jobs too…

The Career Girls.


As mentioned Liz, or Doctor Elizabeth Shaw to give her, her full title, was seconded from her job at Cambridge University to advise U.N.I.T and work alongside The Doctor.

I am a big fan of Liz, like Zoe, The Doctor treats and speaks to her as if she is his intellectual equal (which lets face it, she is).

Elizabeth is a strong classic, carried by two British Queens, numerous film stars, and let’s not forget, one of the greatest romantic heroines of all time Miss Bennet.

Elizabeth comes in lots of flavours as well from Elisabeth, to Libby, Lizzie, Beth and the so old it’s cool again, Betty.

For any Vampire Slayer fans out there-which I’m hoping is basically everyone, Buffy also started life as a dimunitive of Elizabeth.

Name: Elizabeth

Meaning: Pledged to God.

Origin: Hebrew.



When Liz returned to Cambridge University she was replaced by Jo Grant.

Jo was somewhat of retrograde move from Who producers, who felt that viewers would not be able to connect with a companion like Liz.

Jo was a very, very junior U.N.I.T field agent when she was first assigned to The Doctor, over time Jo blended an action girl persona with a free hippie spirit.

Jo’s full name was Josephine, which is scrumptious nugget of Victorian brilliance.

Josephine also has the potential for some cute nicknames, Joey, anyone…

Name: Josephine

Meaning: Jehova increases.

Origin: French version of Joseph.



Sarah-Jane is probably one of the best loved Doctor Who companion of all time, she is undoubtly one of the longest serving appearing in adventures alongside incarnations of 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11.

In a way Sarah-Jane mixes the strengths of both Liz and Jo, intellengent and fast talking, Sarah-Jane was also prepared for a good fight.

I’ve already covered the name Sarah with the Sara Kingdom post, so I’m going to focus on Sarah-Jane’s second name…Jane.

Jane is a personal favourite of mine, a family name.

Name: Jane

Meaning: God’s gracious gift.

Origin: English.



Almost as long suffering and serving as Sarah-Jane Smith, The Brigadier wasn’t actually born in a U.N.I.T onesie, he once had a name, well two actually, Alistair and Gordon.

While I’m not sure anyone is about to run out and start naming their newborns Gordon, Alistair is a sleek, classic name with great meaning.

Name: Alistair

Meaning: Defending men.

Origin: The English version of the Scottish version of Alexander, so all the versions ever.

Name: Gordon

Meaning: Great hill.

Origin: Scottish.



Sergeant Benton was The Brig’s right hand man, and just like his senior officer, Benton also had a real name, no not Sergeant, John.

John or Jonathan is a classic, with lots of possible spelling variations.

Name: John.

Meaning: God is gracious.

Origin: Hebrew.

Benton is also a good name on its own.

Name: Benton.

Meaning: Bent grass enclosure.

Origin: English.


And finally…


Captain Mike Yates was, despite his rank, pretty wet behind the ears when he joined The U.N.I.T family.

For a while he shared a will they/won’t they flirtation with Jo Grant, but in the end it never came to anything,

Like John, Mike is one of those names, whose popularity has dropped somewhat, and has been firmly religated into the position of second name.

Name: Mike.

Meaning: Who is like God.

Origin: Hebrew.