So episode 4 of series 10 dropped yesterday, and we got to see Bill experiencing the trials of tribulations of trying to find a half decent house to live in while studying for a degree.

Having seen a house that had a hole that may or may not have been made my Miley and her wreking ball, between bedroom walls, I understand Bill’s pain.


Anyway before all of the knocking, Grandfather and bug shenanigans had the chance to develop, we got to see Bill in this amazing Tee and Cake tank.


Seriously super cute, Bill’s tank even has her favourite thing CHIPS, embroidered on it.


Lucky for us, Bill’s tank is still available from Topshop for only 5 English pounds- Fries Tank by Tee and Cake.


gif 1by- amythegloriouspond

gif 2 by-scarletxmoon