The first two episodes of Series 10 have allowed us a glimpse inside Bill’s seriously fun and colourful wardrobe.

There is just so much to love, but I’m particularly taken with Bill’s acoustic guitar necklace, it’s a nice piece of jewellery and a lovely connection between her a 12.

They both really like guitars…


While I’m not sure where Bill’s necklace is from, I have found a nice selection of alternatives we can all update our warbrobes with.


indexAcoustic Guitar Metal Pendant On Bronze Effect Chain-Etsy Wantable Designs 3.99

shoppingGuitar Necklace-Etsy Golden Reeds 6.40

shoppingGuitar Necklace-Etsy Charms on things 11.97

indexAcoustic Guitar Unisex Necklace with Rope-Etsy Smosdesigns 12.16

Somethings in silver.

shoppingRockys Necklace A-Guitar-Thomann 20.10

shoppingSilver Accoustic Guitar Necklace-Suay 22.95