Due to the popularity of my first post on the subject of baby names, I have decided to follow it up with the 2nd Doctor’s Companion’s names.

Just to be clear, although Ben and Polly served as companions to both the First and Second Doctors, I have decided to pop them in with the 2nd Doctor’s other companions, because Doctor number one just had so many…

The Leftovers.

Polly and Ben were the last people to serve as Companions to the 1st Doctor, and the first people to ever witness a regeneration.


Name: Polly

Meaning: Bitter

Origin: English version of Molly/Mary.

Polly comes from the same stable as Molly and Mary.

Don’t let the bitter connotation put you off.

Currently riding the wave of revival Victorian/Edwardian baby names, Polly has a cool vintage sound to it, and would as easily fit a Companion from 2017, as it did one from the 1960’s.


Name: Benjamin

Meaning: Son of the Right Hand.

Origin: Hebrew.

Despite making an appearance in the Bible, Benjamin is one of those names that sounds eternally fresh, and as with Polly, it could easily be the moniker of a modern day companion.

Seldom out of the top 100 on this side of the pond, or in America, Benjamin managed to even break into the top 10 baby names in the USA for the first time ever in 2015.

Unlike Polly, Benjamin also has some pretty good options on nicknames, Ben or Benji anyone?


The one in the kilt.

James Robert McCrimmon to give him is full title, was a young Scottish Piper from the 18th Century, and the first companion to originate from the past, rather than the future or the ‘modern’ day.

Jamie was also the first proper companion of the 2nd Doctor, who had already inherited Ben and Polly from his previous incarnation.

Rightly or wrongly the male companions of The Doctor often get a bad wrap for being boring, or not as dynamic as their female counterparts, but IMO Jamie is a great companion, equal parts brave and cowardly, there’s a real affection between him and 2nd Doctor.

As mentioned Jamie’s full name is James.

Name: James

Meaning: Supplanter.

Origin: English version of the Hebrew name Jacob.

Since Jamie’s time, James has become something of a Unisex name (at least in America) with celebrities such as Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively bestowing it upon their eldest daughter.

This trend hasn’t quite made it to the UK yet, but I’m sure it will make the leap at some point.

Jamie’s nickname is also a popular choice for both boys and girls.

The Other Victoria.


Victoria, the name of the 2nd Doctor’s forth companion has already been featured on the Doctor Who Baby Name list with Vicki Pallister.

Victoria Waterfield was another companion from the past, she came from the 19th century, and has a name that is perfect in both that era and our own.

The Girl Genius from the Future.


The 2nd Doctor’s last companion was the delightful Zoe Heriot.

Zoe was a teenager from the future, a genius, The Doctor and Jamie met her while visiting a giant wheel in space.

After Jamie, Zoe is my favourite companion of this era, and I also completely love her name, it fits her perfectly, and still sounds relatively modern today.

Zoe also comes in many alternative spelling flavours from Zoe to Zoë to Zoey, and even Zooey.

Name: Zoe

Meaning: Life.

Origin: Greek.

Thanks to the fab website Nameberry for all of the name info.