The latest episode of Doctor Who not only introduced us to Bill, and scary water lady, but also brought Nardole back, again.

Now, I know that most people are pretty firm on their opinions about Nardole, but I like him, he’s funny, and yes annoying, but let’s face it the majority of The Doctor’s companions have all been annoying at some point, and well The Doctor himself can be pretty grrr…

I think it’s great having a third person inside The Tardis, and I use the word person lightly as I’m not sure what Nardole is, man, machine, alien, he survived having his head chopped off…ooops…

So, Nardole have your moment in the sun…

The Shirt.

Nardole wears a tailored light blue shirt.

shoppingSignature Sky Blue Tailored Fit-Brook Taverner 15.00

shoppingCommuter Oxford Shirt-GANT 135.00


The Waistcoat

indexMen’s Skopes Sunningdale Wool Blend-House of Fraser 45.00

The Trousers

Nardole wears burgundy cords.

shoppingNeedle Cord Trousers-Samuel Windsor 32.50