Usually I look at complete outfits, but as this is the first series I have ever had the chance to do ‘Live’, I am going to focus on different parts of Bill’s overall look.

Bill wears a lot of different outfits during her first episode, well the episode does stretch over some months, so you can’t blame a girl for getting changed at least once.


Anyway, Christmas made a brief appearance in April, and it’s Bill’s non ironic/non Christmas jumper that I am devoting this post to today.

Bill’s Christmas Jumper.

5114441544111_036_bI can’t believe I am actually typing these words, but, Bill’s fantastic waffle knitted Fisherman’s jumper is still available from Urban Outfitters for the bargain price of 25.00.

Here are some other alternatives as well…

shoppingOversized Vintage Jumper 10.00

indexKatharine Oversized 10.00

shoppingV by Very High Funnel Neck Fisherman Rib BoxyJumper-Very 11.50

Credits to amythegloriouspond who made Bill’s gif, and WornonTV who found Bill’s jumper in the first place.