Tegan Jovanka better known as the only Australian ever allowed inside The Tardis.

A would be Flight Attendant, Tegan was en-route to Heathrow, when bad things happened, and she ended up becoming the official Head Girl in the 5th Doctor’s Party Tardis.

Tegan was one of the 1980’s costumed companions, and although that makes her sound like she’s about to up and leave the Party Tardis for The Avengers, it’s actually just the fact that Tegan and her fellow companions Adric, Nyssa and the ginger moany one didn’t change their clothes like normal people.

And while I personally love Tegan’s Fifth Element/Jean Paul Gaultier/Britney Spears Toxic Cabin Crew Uniform it lost a little impact and all sense after six stories.


Thankfully Tegan does eventually stumble into the massive wardrobe inside The Tardis.

For this steal her style update I’m going to be avoiding Tegan’s Cabin Crew uniform, because how can you improve on something that is sooo good, and instead I’m going to be looking at the rest of her limited wardrobe.

So 1980s.

Whatever alien planet, or historical time Tegan visited, at her core she was forever a 1980’s girl living in a 1980’s world, and also an Austalian.


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Tegan is a big fan of seperates, shorts and skirts.

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