Poor Old Dorothea Ann Chaplet, she may have an awesome first name and nickname (Dodo), but that’s probably where the awesomeness ends, apart from the time where she holds famous Wild West Gun fighter Doc Holiday up with a gun.

A replacement for Vicki who had already been a replacement for Susan, Dodo lacked any real characterisation of her own, and was the last of the Susan-style replacements, thankfully.

Her place in The Tardis was taken up by Polly Wright (so very unlike Susan) and Ben Jackson (also very unlike Susan).

The War Machines is Dodo’s last episode, and having grown used to the epic goodbyes of the modern era, it’s a very abrupt departure, being dispatched off the the country after a bit of mind control in episode two.

I have my own theories on why The Doctor decided to leave Dodo in the country, Polly for instance fought off the mind control, Dodo didn’t.


Dodo we hardly knew ye, well at least we knew you a little better than Katrina.

The Dress.

Dodo gets to wear a high necked belted dress as her leaving outfit, I have a feeling the dress is either cream or white, but I have gone for a selection of colours.

shoppingDropped Shoulder Belted Dress-Warehouse 10.00

shoppingLight Grey Belted T-Shirt Dress- New Look 14.99

shopping (1)Belted Column Dress in Rib Grey- ASOS 21.00

shopping (1)Joseph – Peggy Belted Washed-silk Midi Dress-271.00

The Rest

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