Poor old Amy destined to spend most of series 6 wearing the same red and white check shirt, what could she have possibly done to deserve such a fate…

Still, at least she gets to pair the check shirt of doom with a leather jacket, some different coloured tights, oh and lets not forget a denim skirt.

The Doctor’s Wife is all about The Doctor and The Tardis, but while all the fun and running around happens elsewhere, Amy and Rory are trapped inside the shell of The Tardis being slowly eaten alive and driven mad…so fun times.


The Jacket.

indexAmy’s jacket is from Topshop, however its no longer available.

Here are some alternatives.

shoppingStone Suedette Jacket-New Look 39.99

shoppingFaux Suede Biker Jacket-ASOS 50.00


I’ve already written a far amount about the shirt Amy seems doomed to wear forever…see posts here and here

I have found one or two new alternatives.

shoppingWomens Autumn Red Check Shirt-Dorothy Perkins 9.18

shoppingWomens Burgundy Large Gingham Checked-Dorothy Perkins 10.00

TheDoctorAndIdrisAmy and Rory meet their replacements…

Amy’s skirt is very hard to find a match for, I have tried my best.

indexWomens MOTO Denim Mini Skirt-Topshop 29.99

shoppingReplay WOOPWOOP-67.60


Let’s not forget that Amy is the Queen of the coloured tights.

Her colour choice in this episode is a sort of dark grey.

shoppingPack of Two Grey 60 Denier Grey Opaque Tights-Debenhams 7.00