The Doctor and Sarah Jane are off on holiday, hence the excuse for this look, for the early scenes in the episode.

As every fan of the show knows, The Doctor never gets the chance to have a proper relaxing, sit by the pool, airport paperback in hand holiday.

That would be boring.

So, instead of hitting the deckchairs and making Cybermen out of sand, all the power is drained from The Tardis and The Doctor and Sarah Jane are stranded on an alien planet.

Thus far, so normal.



Rather unsurpingly when you end up on a planet that looks like this…p01bqzw6

Poor old Sarah Jane soon requires a change of clothes.

For this look I’m going to be focusing on the playsuit Sarah Jane changes into, and of course that greenish/blue top she wears.

Should that button be flashing?


While Sarah Jane’s orginal top was a halterneck with pussy bow detailing, I’ve shameless abadoned that styling, because it’s so hard to find alternatives for.

shopping.jpegVintage Blouse-ETSY Vintagegreenclothing 24.99

indexPaula Pussy Bow Sheer Blouse-Joanie 25.00


In many of the stills it looks as if Sarah Jane is wearing a brown dress, however having watched the episode I can tell you that she’s in fact wearing a playsuit.

As with Sarah Jane’s top the playsuit is hard to find a match for.

shoppingAlice & You Maroon (Red) Crossover Velvet Playsuit-Debehams 10.00

shoppingBurgundy Casual Round Neck Button Up Front Self-tie Playsuit-Yoins 13.07


And to finish.

Add a pair of shiny black boots.

shoppingWomen’s Boots-26.00

shoppingBlack Patent Zip Rider Boots-Next 60.00

Oh and don’t forget these…

shoppingRay Ban RB 4242 6199/73 Sunglasses-112.00