April is going to be a crazy month for me, I have an engagement party to attend, two wedding receptions, my best friend’s birthday, as well as my own.

With so many formal events looming my attention has turned to my hair, which is naturally extremely long and very, very curly.

With hair like that my go to place of safety has always been up, or down, but what if I was really brave, and prepared to spend hours with the old hair straighteners, what style would I choose then…

Probably Clara Oswald’s modern interpretation of the Louise Brooks’ cut.

This is my first ever post on hair, so please be gentle with me.


Clara’s hair.


In a departure from season 8, where we mostly see Clara’s hair around her shoulders, having had in trimmed from the previous series, where her hair had been longer still.

In Mummy on the Orient Express however, she appears to have had a sudden and drastic chop, that or she’s wearing some kind of a space wig.

Let’s face it, it’s probably a space wig.

Space wigs aside Clara’s hair is perfectly in keeping for not only a journey on a 1920’s themed train in space, but also to add a hint of glamour to any formal event or party down here on Earth.


What makes Clara’s hair/space wig so perfect is it’s simplicity.

Having a chop like this has always added drama, just ask Louise Brooks’.

Who is Louise Brooks?


Louise Brooks was one of the fashion icons of the Flapper generation.

An actress during the silent era, Louise found fame in Europe rather than her native America, her style is so timeless that it speaks to us even today.

500 Katie Holmes bob 313bd19e740f9ff06c8c4bf57f762416b

True-Vintage-finger-waveWhile styles like the floaty, feminine Marcel Wave were king, Louise dared to do something bold, different and era deffining.

2770893bb6ac30433472803ecb6ace3fAlthough Clara’s bob might not be the full Louise Brook’s exprience, it invokes the style of the 1920’s Flapper with a twist of modern day softness.

Hair Acessories.

The beauty of Clara’s bob in this episode is how one silver hair clip can give it a shot of glamour.


When styling your Louise Brooks/Clara Oswald less is the buzz word, a simple clip goes a long way, just ask Sally Sparrow…I mean Carey Mulligan…sorry Daisy…Daisy Buchanan.

And exhale…


Or if your feeling extra bold, you may want to try.