Terror of the Autons is the first episode of the second series of the era of the 3rd Doctor, try saying that when you’ve had a few gins.

The Autons first introduced in the 3rd Doctor’s first story are back, and sadly Liz Shaw has return to Cambridge and has been replaced by Josephine Grant, as The Doctor’s lab assistant.

I love Liz Shaw, she’s a really modern companion, a scientist in her own right, she understood most of what The Doctor was talking about, to lose Liz in favour of Jo is a retrograde step, but Jo makes it work, because she’s so earnest and adorable, and there’s also a real sense of growing affection from The Doctor towards Jo.



The Jumper

I really love the fun and colour Jo injects into her outfits.

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The Shirt

Jo’s shirt is patterned on a pale backgroud.

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03 Jo Hypnotized

The Trousers.

Jo is wearing a pair of corduroy trousers.

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