Dragonfire is the episode in which we say Goodbye to the much maligned Mel, and Hello to the eternally excellent Dorothy Gale McShane AKA ACE.

ACE is working in a cocktail bar on an ice planet, when she first encounters The Doctor and Mel.

I could easily turn this into an essay on how much I love ACE, but I won’t, all I will say is that she is amazing, the first modern companion, who lead the charge for Rose and Donna to follow after her, if you don’t know who she is, I encourage you to seek out ACE’s adventures with the 7th Doctor…I mean Professor, they make an amazing team.

dragonfire mel ace.gif

Okay, I’ve covered ACE’s amazing signature bomber at length in this post, all I will add is that it’s amazing and I love it.


Under her bomber ACE is wearing an oversized white t-shirt with a seriously 80’s design, this is the best shot of it, that I have been able to find so far.

This t-shirt is impossible to find unless you have a copy of it made especially,  here’s a selection of tees that capture ACE’s unique style.

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ACE wears tight black cycling shorts, and some excellent red tights.

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