Baby names have been going in and out of fashion since the first ever baby was named…probably, anyway it’s a legitimate fashion trends, so I’m doing a post on it.

Word of Warning- I have given Polly and Ben to the 2nd Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric to the 5th, Peri to the 6th and Clara to the 12th…just go with it.

So you expected a youngling or a companion of the furry variety, could also be a lizard or a fish…I’m not a fish-est, anyway a new thing is entering your life and you have to name it, here are some ideas curtsy of the 1st Doctor’s companions.

The First Companion.



Meaning: Lily

Origin: Hebrew

Susan was The Doctor’s Granddaughter, she travelled with him through time and space long before the events of the first episode, and she gave The Tardis it’s nickname.

Susan has been a popular name throughout history, originally a diminutive of the more hipster sounding Susannah, nowadays Susan is most likely to be the name of your Mum/Gran rather than your best friend (depending on your age).

A product of the time the show first aired, Susan is a perfect choice for a teenage Time Lady to disguise her less than human roots.


Those Pesky Humans.

Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright were the first humans ever to travel with The Doctor.

A science teacher and a history teacher at Coal Hill school, the pair became concerned with new pupil Susan Foreman’s behaviour, to cut the long story short, Ian and Barbara’s investigations led to the pair being basically kidnapped by The Doctor.

Like poor Susan, the names Ian and Barbara aren’t about to crack the UK/US top 100 baby names anytime soon, but just like Susan they are worth considering, Ian in particular would make a great name for a hamster (IMO).


Name: Ian

Meaning: The Lord is Gracious

Origin: Scottish version of John/Jonathan.


Name: Barbara

Meaning: Foreign Woman

Origin: Latin


Vicki? Victoria? Victoire? Cressida?


Vicki Pallister was the first companion of The Doctor’s to carry the moniker Victoria, the second is of course the Victorian Victora Waterfield.

Vicki was a teenage girl from around the 22nd century.

Although her full name was never given, it’s fair to assume that Vicki name was probably short for Victoria, or perhaps even the French sounding Victoire.

The name Victoria has been a staple ever since that particular British Queen ascended the throne, and while Victoria might not be as popular as it was in the 19th century, but it’s one of those names that’s still widely used, and will probably still be heard in the 22nd century.

Name: Victoria

Meaning: Victory

Origin: Latin


Vicki actually ends up changing her name to Cressida, when she leaves The Doctor and The Tardis crew, to stay behind after the battle of Troy, remaining in Ancient Greece.

Vicki goes on to become the Cressida of myth.

Name: Cressida

Meaning: Gold

Origin: Latin


 Katarina the first companion to die.


As Vicki departed The Tardis she encouraged a young Greek woman to take her place with The Doctor and his then companion Steven.

Unlike The Doctor’s previous companions Katarina was completely unprepared for life in The Tardis, she came to believe that The Doctor was a god.

Poor Katarina has the distinction of being the first companion to die, after being sucked out of an air lock into the vacuum of space.

While Katarina isn’t a Greek name, it is lovely with lots of variations and cute nicknames, such as Kat/Cat.

 Name: Katarina

Meaning: Pure

Origin: Czech version of Katherine 


Sara was she, wasn’t she?


There’s a lot of debate as to whether or not Sara Kingdom counts as a companion, but I am counting her.

 Name: Sara

Meaning: Princess

Origin: Hebrew

Sara is a sleek, modern looking version of old dependable Sarah. 

It can be pronounced SA-RA or the more traditional SARAH.

Sara was the second companion to die, shortly after Katrina, when she was rapidly aged to death by the Daleks…all pretty grim.


Defining feature: I’m from the future.

steven taylor

Steven Taylor was an astronaut from the future trapped on an alien planet when he first encountered The Doctor.

A sort of Ian 2.0, his most character defining  ‘thing’ are probably his snazzy costumes.

 Name: Steven

Meaning: Garland, Crown

Origin: English




To give Dodo her full name, Dorothea Anne Chaplet was one of the 1st Doctor’s penultimate companions.

A sort of pre Gwen Cooper, Dorothea was the ‘possible’ descendant of a French Huguenot maid Anne Chaplet who aided The Doctor and Steven, and who The Doctor had left behind to a less than certain fate.

Dodo keeps the door open, that Anne may have in fact survived and gone on to have at least one child.

Dodo is a fantastic nickname, and Dorothea is pretty epic as well, with the option of Thea as yet another nickname.

 Name: Dorothea

Meaning: Gift of God

Origin: Greek


Thanks to Nameberry for the amazing naming info.