While Purple is Donna’s signature colour, red is undoubtly Amy’s, and the various shades of the autumnal palette belong entirely to Clara, PINK is Rose’s thing.

Pink is the cornerstone colour for many of Rose’s outfits, especially in her early outings with Doctor number nine.

Hoodies are also a staple of Rose’s wardrobe, so it seems perfect that this episode should feature a pink hoodie.

The Pink Hoodie.

The shade of this hoodie was hard, it appears darker and lighter thoughout the episode, so bearing that in mind I have put together a range of different hues.


shoppingWomen’s Zip-Up Hoodie-George at ASDA 10.00

shoppingPapaya Zip Through Hoodie-Matalan 10.00

shoppingOrange Label Primary Zip Hoodie Pink-Superdry 49.99

shoppingSaltwell Zip Up Hoodie-Jack Wills 54.95


Another staple of Rose’s early wardrobe is the denim jacket.

indexRed Herring Dark Blue Denim Jacket-Debenhams 28.00

shoppingAEO Super Soft Denim Jacket-American Eagle Outfitters 39.95


Plain White Tee.

Under her fetching pink hoodie and denim jacket, Rose is wearing a crew neck white t-shirt. Layers man, remember the layers.

shoppingWhite Crew Neck T-Shirt-New Look 3.99

shoppingSlub Crew Neck T-Shirt-Warehouse 15.00


Bootcut Jeans.

indexLTB Valerie Bootcut jeans tiana-Zalando 47.99LTB Valerie Bootcut jeans tiana-Zalando 47.99

shopping Bootcut Jeans-7 for All Mankind 127.00