What to say about Ben Jackson…

For those of you, who may never have heard of him or seen a single episode in, which he’s featured, here’s a quick introduction.

Ben was a companion to the 1st and 2nd incarnations of The Doctor, a sailor by trade he meets Polly Wright and Dodo Chaplet in a nightclub…yea…that happened, it was the 60’s.

Anyway, Ben ends up replacing Dodo and becoming a member of The Tardis crew, along with his beloved ‘Duchess’ Polly.

Power of the Daleks is one of those ‘missing’ episodes, which have recently been restored with the aid of animation, it’s great and really worth a look.



This is another one of those black and white episodes, which makes it hard to gage what would have been the colours of anyones outfits, however the animated episodes are being put into colour and there has been a shot of Ben in a wine coloured roll neck and fawn v-neck jumper, so that’s what I’m basing the colours on.

moMoss 1851 Wine Roll Neck Merino Jumper-Moss Bros 20.00

polWine merino wool roll neck jumper-Charles Tyrwhitt 29.95


The V-Neck.

shoppingStone cotton cashmere v-neck jumper-Charles Tyrwhitt 24.95

1Franco Ponti Vee Neck Sweater-49.99

shoppingOlymp Nougat V-neck-64.95


I’ve decided that Ben’s jumper and trousers are so close in colour that they have to be the same colour, or at least close to it.

indexCotton Chino Trousers-Crew Clothing 22.00

indexMen’s Tommy Hilfiger Denton Twill Chinos-House of Fraser 45.00